Saturday, March 16, 2013

7 Mile Garage Sale

There's a saying :Someone's junk is another's treasure.  When I hear it I think of garage sales and flea markets.

It is such a beautiful day although the wind is strong. I am sitting on my front porch watching something cool. No worries I am anchored down. Okay I am not but I am on the side of the house where the wind is not as strong.

Yesterday, our next door neighbor, Mr Joe visited. He explained to us that there was a 7 mile garage sale and through the years he has allowed someone set up in the driveway we share together. Obviously, the man doesn't live within the 7 mile radius.

The driveway was used by Hubby's grandfather working the farmland where our home sits. The driveway is between Mr Joe's and I land. According to the city our land shows that it is half our property. Hubby has used it during the torrential rains as it is not as swampy. Otherwise, it is just there.

This morning I looked outside. I normally see vehicles flying by as it is a highway. But today, it is like a slow parade of cars, stopping intermittently.

I walked to the road and saw many neighbors participating. I've been sitting outside for about 1/2 hour counting the cars. There were 60 cars that have stopped. And that is just a half hour period.

I thought "DAMN". If I had known that we could have saved all the stuff we had thrown out or given away and participated. There were flyers posted on poles and in the local grocery store but I just figured it was another ordinary garage sale.

I remember my sister and I did a garage sale long time ago. We vowed never again.

Honestly, we had no clue what we were doing but figured, how hard can it be? Right?

So we prepared. Put the ad in the paper. Gathered our items, it was mostly baby clothes but we had knick knacks etc.  We priced then what we thought was reasonable.

Regardless of the time we put that we were going to start, there were cars parked in front of my house an hour earlier watching his set up. They were like vultures.

Many of the people told us we had our prices too high but we negotiated the prices. We thought we were stiffed a couple of times. We just wanted to get rid of the stuff. We did sell most of what we had but the little money we made, we figured it was not worth our time again.

I've gone to a couple of garage sales etc and found some cool stuff. I think you have to really like that kind of stuff to hold a garage sale.

This 7 mile garage sale runs through 3 little towns.

But as I sit here, watching all the garage sales goers stop by this man's s spot, I am thinking of how I can participate next year. I am sure we can come up with some things to sell.  It is amazing to see the participation and support in this little town.