Friday, March 29, 2013

Link Your Blog/Funky Mood

I have been in such a funk I don't even like myself sometimes. Have you ever felt that way?

You are sick but don't feel bad enough to stay in bed. But yet you don't want to do anything. It takes all your strength, even to just to go to the bathroom.

Then sometimes the meds make you feel worse than you already do.

I think one of my meds is putting me in LA LA Land. I hate that feeling. I've taken the med before and it has not done that to me before. Or maybe it is the illness itself. Who knows? I guess after I finish the meds and I don't feel that way anymore, it'll be my answer.

I get depressed and sulk. It doesn't last long, thankfully.

MyHubby apologizes when I don't feel well. I tell him he has no reason to be sorry. I don't blame him for sure. He says he wishes he had healing powers. How sweet?  It takes a special kind of man to deal with a person like me and my medical problems.

Tis my life. Always been and I don't see it changing after 50 years.

A friend and I joke agreeing that we should be used to it by now. I don't think you get 'used' to it. I think you learn to accept it in a way and live day to day. I guess "Go with the flow" would describe it.

It does get tiring though.

Sometimes I ask God what is the reason? I always say God has a reason for everything. So why do some of us struggle more than others?

What is the purpose of a life of medical woes?  What is it suppose to teach me? Hopefully, he'll tell me when he takes me to his home.

People say I am an inspiration with everything I've gone through. I appreciate that so very much. However, think about it. Being an inspiration because I fight through whatever comes at me medically?  Most people do the same thing.

I know many people are worse off than me. And I feel for them.

A priest told me once that my 'suffering' on earth is  my journey to eternal bliss when God calls me home. I sure as hell hope so. Because sometimes I feel like I am in Hell.

Anyway...enough of that.  On to more pleasant things....

An awesome blogger I follow, Just Thoughts on a Blog, has shared.a way to find other blogs to read and at the same time share your blog.

If you click the tab above "Linking Your Blog" and fill out the short and sweet form, your Blog will be added to the list, I hope. I have yet to have anyone do it on mine. When one of my followers click the link they will see the list of blogs they can visit by just clicking the link.

I think it is a cool idea.

I know I haven't been the most consistent blogger. I noticed many who I follow are not either. There have been countless times I have sat here and started a post but did not finish. I have 98 unfinished drafts. I know! Crazy!

But I do read many of your blogs regularly and comment occasionally.

I noticed some bloggers have had their blogs turn into money-making blogs. I guess they are more dedicated to blogging than I am and more interesting.  I know some have 1000s of followers. Which I think is pretty cool for them.

I started this blog thinking of it as sorta like a diary. I also wanted to share my life to show that although I have a 'disability' and medical challenges I am just like all of you who don't have to deal with such things.

I do appreciate my followers and those who drop by to read my blog. Come back again!!


  1. Hey, I haven't posted before, but I follow your blog. Mine's mainly a Trying to Concieve blog right now, but feel free to follow me ;)

    I've been following you since you were on LJ.

    1. Thanks Tamma for following my blog. I remember you because I followed the prep and saw pics of your wedding. I can't get onto LJ for whatever reason. Probably because I haven't been on it for a while. Is your blog on LJ or Blogger. GIve me the URL so I can follow you again. I appreciate you following me and your comments. I wish you all the luck in the world to be able to conceive. Children are such a treasure! Mine is in college!

    2. It's
      and my paranormal one is

    3. Thanks I found them after I asked where LOL!

  2. You are so sweet to follow me and tell others about adding them on my blog! Thank You!
    Now, about this post today....I have been there. Many times and lately a lot. I think in my lifetime I have NOT LIKED ME more than I can count! I don't think I would be friends with myself. lol! Does that make sense?
    I too started blogging on my main blog as therapy to my self. Skin cancer, weight up and down, family life, walking, meditation...its still helps me. Then I added my other blogs as hobbies which I love also.
    Your blog is read so much and helps people you don't know...just look at the views you have had...15,515...That speaks volumes!
    Together we can share with each other and our readers that it will be ok. God did make us for a purpose..Hes not done with us!
    Have a blessed Easter!

    1. I do try to keep up with your blogs Betty as I appreciate you reading mine. We're almost neighbors. Maybe one day we'll meet! Thanks for sharing your story in relation to mine (weight loss/gain). You are right, I guess I had the number of followers in my head than overall. But you are so right, 15,515 and I appreciate everyone. Yea I know GOd has a purpose. My BabyGIrl says she is my purpose..And I think she is right.

      THanks for reading and commenting. I DO appreciate it!


  3. This broke my heart. I know what you mean by feeling like you're in hell, and wondering what the reason for all this is.Do medical woes have a point? I have been struggling with that, too. It means a lot that you share so much of yourself-- it helps me more than I can say to see your honesty. I feel so much less alone. Thanks. Hugs!

    1. Aww NoCorn.. I know you can relate to friend. What keeps me going, besides my daughter, is the faith that the clergy I've talked to right. It is our journey to eternal bliss. I write about my medical woes and struggles as therapeutic for myself and to let others, as yourself know that you are not alone. THanks so much for letting me know I AM doing some good and your very welcome! Many hugs to you!


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