Monday, May 13, 2013

Wallyworld: Adrenalin Kicks in With PotenitialThief

I often wondered how I would react if someone would try to attack or mug me. I don't think we really know until it happens.

Last week,  I was in Wallyworld looking for a Mother's Day card for my Mom. I am one of these people who has to read EVERY card until I choose one. I had my back leaning on my cart as I read.

I had noticed an older skinny scruffy looking gentleman,a little further down looking at the cards for wives.  I thought nothing of it because  people were walking all over, stopping etc. It's Walmart!

All of a sudden the man walks around to the front of the cart and starts walking away with my cart Luckily I wasn't leaning all the way or I would have lost my balance.

At first I was shocked and trying to figure out what just happened. Then I realized what was happening.

I yelled walking as fast as I could towards him. I am actually amazed I was able to catch up with him.

"Hey! What the hell?, I yelled!  I reached him and literally pushed him with my right shoulder, got in between him and reclaiming my cart shouting, "What are you doing? It is my cart! What the hell dammit! Get away!

I caught him off guard as he stumbled to the side. Catching himself to continue to stand upright he said, "I'm so sorry. I thought you were my wife standing there."Yea. Right.

I continued to look at him warily.  He apologized twirling his finger by his ear saying, "I am s cuckoo?"

I thought as I backed away from him, 'No crap! ' I couldn't figure out if he was telling the truth or not. I did not know if he was actually trying to steal my cart, or it was just an accident like he said.

He kept saying he was old and crazy. It was sorta creepy for me so I pushed my shopping cart walking backwards (And that is so very hard for me to do) because I didn't know what he would do if I turned my back. I got back to the Greeting Card Section.

A few seconds later he returned.  I leerily watched him. He was looking around saying more to himself he thought he had a cart but couldn't remember where it was. I immediately grabbed my car defensively defensively saying, "This is my cart!"

As I thought about it later, I realized how childish that could have sounded.

At the same time an employee was walking by and he heard him. I think he had seen the whole thing play out walking from the other side of the store. He looked down the aisle he was passing and said, "There is a basket down there."

The man trotted  and looked.  With a relieved look he exclaimed, "OH God, thank goodness! I thought I was going crazy." He got the cart and walked away talking to himself.

Maybe he thought my cart was his cart and made a mistake. It happens.  But I was thinking if he is that forgetful and "Cuckoo" maybe he shouldn't be alone in Walmart for his safety. Many people can prey on others like this gentleman. I wonder if his wife was actually in the store with him?

I thought later I now know how I would react and I think I did dang good. I was determined that he was not getting my cart. My adrenalin kicked in big time.

What do you think you would have done? What would you do if someone was trying to mug you or attack you?


  1. You did the right thing! Last year I went to a Bogo sale at Stage in our home town. I was in the parking lot when they opened the doors. I parked pretty far off in the parking lot so no one would ding my car. I had been to Wally world just moments before that, ran in, ran out. Anyway, I was in Stage about an hour and there may have been about five people in the store since it was early. I walked to my car and noticed a note on the drivers side window near the door. I grabbed it, unlocked my car, thinking it would be a note that someone had hit my car. I sat in the lot and had to read the three page note several times and couldnt believe the words....
    "I saw you in the store and was afraid to ask you if you were single." He told me what I was wearing, what he was wearing and looked like. gave me his phone number and what he drove. I was sick to my stomach thinking about what if that had been my daughters. This man stocked me in the store and before that because he knew what car was mine. I met my hubby for lunch and we turned the note in to the police who took my statement. They asked me what man I talked to in the store and made me feel like I pressed that. Anyway, they called me later and said they had arrested the man on other warrants he had and said to just be careful for a while and watch for a dark Suv....what? I told them I would shot the man, I had a gun and a permit to care it. What did they take me for?
    Sometimes, we have to follow our gut and take care of ourselves!!!

    1. Oh my! I am sorry you had to go through the horrifying experience. That would have freaked me out completely. The man probably was released shortly after? I assume the criminal didn't try to get in touch with you. Glad they caught him.

      Yes, we do because no one is going to do it for us!

      Thanks for dropping by AND commenting.

    2. Yea, yet another adventure if my life at Wallyworld Pam LOL!

  2. For 5 years I have been putting off taking self defense class at my son's martial arts school. I really need to go, I am just mighty afraid of being whopped by my son's 26 year old teacher! lol
    It really is not funny. I was assaulted 27 years ago and it has given me a burden of fear in many aspects of my life.

    Much love and peace to you and maybe we should learn to use our shopping carts as weapons!

    1. Wow I am so sorry about your experience. And the culprits don't realize or doesn't care it can make a lifelong effect on the victime.

      took a woman's defense class years ago. My daughter is a black belt in Shokotan karate and had started Tae Kwon Do. They would have a Mother's Day class with the Mom's and students. I could never get the moves right because of my coordination and limitations but that day I realized HOW I would react anyway.

      Well it was hard because he was taking the cart, LOL..

      Love and peace to you!


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