Friday, May 10, 2013

Expensive Oil Changes

Yesterday, I was leaving to meet a college friend from Baton Rouge. We were going to meet at a restaurant we previously visited. However, when I started my car a warning light came on. It looked like a genie bottle and a wrench. So I looked in my supposedly handy dandy manual under warning signals but it did not have that picture, where I looked anyway. I called Hubby at work and he didn't know what I was talking about and suggested I don't drive my car until he looked at it.

I called my friend to tell her the news and I felt so bad. But she said she would come get me. She had never been to my house before so I gave her directions. She made it and we went to a different restaurant in my little town. I always enjoy visiting with her so it was a very nice time.

Of course the rest of my plans, going shopping for a few things was messed up because of no car. Gawd, don't you hate it when you have something planned and it is delayed? Arghh!!

Later when I returned home I started reading the manual and finally found the picture. It is change oil warning. Hubby hates "new" cars with 'warning' signals' to do things that are unnecessary, in his opinion anyway. But in order to get the warning light off we figure I need to do this. We did check the oil and we had plenty, but it did look yucky.

This morning I got up early ready to go change my oil and shop. I called Wallyworld to see how much they charge for oil changes. She said 26.88.

Have you noticed a lot of Walmart prices are not .99 but .88? Don't you just hate that? I say just give it a whole number and be done with it.


I had looked online and saw Goodyear about 30 minutes  away that had a special of 19.95 if I scheduled it online.  I went through the process and it said it would take 2 hours. I was wondering if it was worth driving  that far and through traffic in an area I loathe. Also make an appointment and have to wait for two hours? I don't think so.

So I thought maybe I'll pass by a few 5 minute change oil places that is less expensive. As I got on the highway I remembered there was a car wash/oil change nearby. When I arrived I  saw two Spanish employee standing around. One came up to my car and I asked how much the oil change was. He said 44.95!

I exclaimed, "Are you freaking serious? I thought Wal-mart was high."

The employee explains, "Its Pennzoil."

I retorted, "I don't care what it is, that is ridiculously high."

He shrugged and said, "You get a car wash too."

I said, "I don't care about the car wash. Can you give it to me for 27.00?" Hey, you don't know if you don't ask right? Of course he said no.

 I went along my way. I decided to go to the Mobile station where i used to go. The owner quoted $37.00 up to 5 quarts. I've been a customer with them for several years on and off. I suggested that we bargains. "Lets bargain. Walmart says $26.00. Can you give it to me for that price? He said he was sorry but no. I moved along.

I had to go to Wallyworld so I drove resigning myself to paying the 26.00 although hubby and I agreed that it was a tad high. I drive up and the guy said it would take 2 hours.

Do you see a pattern here in waiting time? I had to go into Wallyworld but sure as heck not for 2 hours. And if you read my blog, you know how much I despise the store. But what are you gonna do when they are cheaper?  So I turned around and parked and went do my business.

I came home and thought, this is ridiculous. Since I am in a little bitty town there is not much here. I figured it would be higher around here if there mechanics/oil changes nearby.

But I went back online and looked for oil change places going the other direction in Breaux Bridge. Actually I had thought about going there but their products at Wallyworld are more expensive than the one in Lafayette. I started calling and I found a place. It seems to be locally owned. She quoted me 25.77 but they were extremely busy today. I told her no problem as I didn't plan on going until Monday morning.

Guess where I will be Monday morning bright and early?

Stay tuned for my next post about a man who wanted to steal my shopping cart!

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