Monday, June 24, 2013

Dream: Hubby Disappears at Posh Wedding

I've had some weird dreams and I often try to interpret them but sometimes there is so much in my dream and the scenes are changed frequently.

Last night I had a dream that Hubby and I were at a very elegant wedding. It was seemingly a very posh venue and hotel. The bride and groom were all cool, calm and collected. The bride was walking around in her gown and veil nonchalantly picking up and reading magazines and chatting with people. The groom was just relaxed mingling.

The venue consisted of several stories with stairs with no rails.  I was in a ballroom dress (which is really a dream for hubby) and Hubby was in a nice 3 piece suit. My whole family was there. Aunts, uncles, mom, dad, sister and her family.

Hubby and I were walking up stairs to get food, Maybe the reception was before the wedding?

Hubby said he had to go to the restroom before we went eat and left me standing there. So I waited. And waited. And waited.

I walked to the men's restroom and asked a gentleman to see if Hubby was in there. He wasn't. So I started searching for him. As I was on my search, I found a room with seemingly hundreds of tables  a of food. The food was unknown and I thought it was weird. People were at tables eating and talking. I found some of my family so I sat and ate still wondering where Hubby was.

Everyone was asking where he was.  I was getting peeved. I started searching again after I ate.

I encountered an area where  the groom announced he wanted to give his bride a gift. He looked below a balcony where the pool was. The pool was so blue and beautiful. The Groom nodded and a bunch of young men started covering the pool with a cement, something like when they cover the baseball fields when it rains.  Everyone applauded. I was so confused.

Everyone returned to mingle and my search continued for Hubby. But I looked down where the pool once was and there was a gang of boys beating up one boy. They had several on each side and kept pushing the boy back and forth between the groups. I kept telling everyone we needed to stop them. But no one did and the scene changed.

Do realize I was walking around most of the dream.

I then had to go to the restroom and my feet were tired from walking so much. When I go to the restroom, a janitor lady gave me a slip of paper to put on the door while I was using it.

Scene changed.

Obviously the wedding was over as people were walking to the exits. I had evidently went attend the wedding without Hubby. As I reached the bottom there I spot Hubby with his hands in his pockets strolling towards me. I stopped, folded my arms across my chest and glared at him.

He reached me and asked, "What?"

My temper blew. I said, "What? Where the hell were  you?"

With a confused look CALM voice he answered, "I was karaoking."

I was livid.

I yelled, "Karaoke? Are you f'ing serious? What is the matter with you? You missed the reception! you missed the wedding! You left me on the top of the stairs. You ruined our night!

He responds, " I wasn't gone that long!"

I screamed "Not gone that long? You were gone all freaking night!

I woke up.

First of all Hubby doesn't karaoke.

Second, He wouldn't just leave me like that.

Third, I wouldn't be in a ballroom gown.

It was weird and when I wake up from dreams like that I am drained. And wake up ticked off. I tell Hubby the dream and it is all better.

But Gawd! I hate those dreams!


  1. If you think you have vivid dreams, you should try melatonin.

  2. That is one wild dream. It is funny when they are not nice how it affects when we wake up! I used to dream of faceless baseball players chasing me all the time when I was young.

    1. Obviously this came up after the other comment! Yea I dream crazy dreams like that Pam and drives me nuts. OMG Faceless baseball..I think everyone has a face in my dreams at least lol.

  3. Isn't it funny how those dreams can really affect us after we wake up? I always tell my husband I get plenty of exercise running away from the crazy monsters in my dreams. lol

    1. Yes indeed it does Pam. Hubby tells me no wonder I am tired when I wake up! LOL! He is right : )


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