Friday, June 28, 2013

Easy Come, Easy Go Update/Generoisty of Others

In a previous post I had mentioned that the lawnmower and weed eater was broken and dental bills took the money we had saved for home improvements.

 As mentioned before, Hubby works at a Do It Yourself Home Improvement store. He is able to watch for sales. You wouldn't imagine how many people will bring an appliance to be repaired and never return to get it. Or how may appliances are damaged when they come from the warehouse. Hence they are sold at a discounted price.

On Memorial weekend, there was a 10% off sale and because he is a Veteran, he received an additional 10% off plus his employee discount.

A stand up freezer was one of my wishes when we moved here.  It wasn't a priority but finally had the space to put one. I hated having to figure out how much I could buy that would fit in the puny freezer of the refrigerator. It drove Hubby crazy when I tried cramming more than the freezer held.

He saw a freezer that was on clearance. He knew it wouldn't stay long because we've paused several deals missing out.  The only thing wrong with it was a few dents here and there which wouldn't be visible as they were on the side. And the vent was crushed at the bottom. I tried talking the salesperson down more from the already ridiculously low price before the discounts.

Hey! You can't blame a girl for trying!   He said we could call the manufacturer and they would probably send another vent.

Also, we had to get a lawnmower. The grass was growing and needed to be mowed badly. I left the decision to Hubby as he knows more about lawnmowers than I do. I assumed he would think of me when he bought it because I don't mind mowing grass.  He bought a Husqvarna which is nice and I can start it with a key. However, it is one of those mowers you have to constantly keep your foot on the gas pedal all the way down for it to move. I can do it (and will( but its hard and tiring. Hubby even said it is tiring for him. But we got it a good price and it is one of the best that we could afford.

He brought the weed eater to get repaired. It took them 2 weeks to repair it as they needed to order a part.

Later in the afternoon the day our purchases were delivered  Hubby checked the freezer  more than I did. I was just so excited and scheming how I would fill it up and with what!

We noticed that there were no dents and the vent was not crushed. Hubby said the delivery guy must have grabbed the new one as on their ticket they just have the make and model. So we got a brand new freezer similar to this.

So we got two things off the list, not in the time frame we would have liked but its our life.

But then Monday, I get a telephone call from BFF from college. We had enjoyed a BBQ at their home Saturday.

She exclaimed, "Hey, I hope you don't get mad at me."

You have to know my college BFF is a wonderful person. She has been a real friend to me. We had a lapse of communication for years due to  a misunderstanding but we reconnected and it is so nice. I love her dearly.

Her and her hubby are a pair of selfless generous people I've ever know. I am not kidding you.

"Umm...I doubt if I will be mad at you. What did you do?", I responded.

She explained her and Hubby wanted to give us a  house warming gift. I thought and said certain words, okay, not necessary and not expected but I know how she is so I was rolling with it. I was thinking a clock or picture? Something nice but not as big as what it actually is.

She said she ordered it and it will be delivered Wednesday. She went on to say if I didn't like it or the color I could call and exchange it within 48 hours or get what I wanted.

I kept thinking and saying, "Y'all didn't have to do this." She said she knew that but she was blessed and they could do this. She loved us and wanted to help us out.

Like she didn't help me before?? She had already given me a sofa and recliner when I left my ex because once again I had no furniture years ago. I know if I called her she would be there in any way she could. And I would for her certainly.

She continued to explain the store would call the next day to make arrangements etc. I was overwhelmed and surprised. i was choked up with tears. So I asked her if she was going to tell me what it was. At first she said it would be a surprise but then she relented so I'll know what it was supposed to be.

Well they were delivered yesterday. They are two reclining chairs. Very nice.

How do you say thank you and much it is appreciated it in words. To really convey how much their generosity and thoughtfulness means to us?

Has anyone done anything so nice and thoughtful for you?


  1. Hey hook me up with the dented freezer...I really need one too LOL. What nice friends you the chairs!

    1. LOL! If you have a Lowe's nearby, you can check there! They go so fast. Thanks! Yes I am blessed and am so thankful. I do too!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. How amazing it is to have generous friends and hope you enjoy both the chairs and the freezer!

    1. Thanks Pam! Yes I do have generous and awesome friends. I am truly blessed.

      The chairs are so comftie and I am getting ready to fill my freezer as I finally found a special deal on meat!

      Thanks for reading and commenting. My apologizes for taking so long to approve and respond, i was at a retreat and its been difficult to get back to 'real' life

  3. O my goodness! Wut an awesome blessing!! Wut lovely chairs! But most of all wut a truely sweet friend!!! An all the other good deals!! I am so excited!! Thanks for sharing!! Love an blessings Joanna

  4. Wow!!! God is so good!! I am in tears reading this!!! I am so happy for you!! More than words can even express!!! :-)

  5. Joanna and Sweet Sarah, thank ya'll so much. Yes I am very blessed with great friends and God in my life.

    Joanna it is very rare that I find deals like this LOL! Thanks for all of your love, reading and commenting.

    Sara, you were crying? Just think how much I was crying. My heart was just filled gratitude. Thank you sweetie!


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