Thursday, June 6, 2013

My Past Thunderous Thursday

First I want to apologize to those who got this in your email the other day. My darn spastic finger hit publish instead of save. I needed to edit it. SO anyway....

Thursday was crazy. I had to go the doctor for a problem that developed. I had to travel to my home town I grew up in which according to Map quest is 42.3 miles or 57 minutes from where I live.  Between my current home and my home town I have to pass through the big city I lived before I moved here. You know. The one I hated the traffic and had the outrageous neighbors?

I heard thunder and the skies were black. It was a little after lunch so I decided to get a head start. As I was gathering my purse and keys the skies opened and rain came pouring.  Of course, it can't just be a shower. It was a full blown storm with visibility almost to nothing.

When I made it to the big city I hate to drive in, it was bumper to bumper. The rain was plummeting small balls of hail. The thunder roared and the lighting was striking so close I would jump. I am not afraid of the weather. It just startled me.

Visibility wasn't all that great so cars were going at a slow pace except for a few morons. You know the kind of morons that speed regardless and go nowhere ready because of the traffic jam.. I have to laugh because most of us meet up with them at the lights. Actually some drivers stopped on the side of the road.

With my nerves on edge and my hands and neck stiff from the tension, I finally made it out of that city about 45 minutes later. It should have taken me the most 15 minutes.  

I saw I might be a little late.  I was 26 miles away and had 15 minutes before my appointment. I gave the doctor's office a courtesy call and explained I was on my way but was going to be a little late with traffic and rain. She retorted, "Well it better not be too late because he is leaving soon. He only came in for a few of you." 

Excuse me? I was a little peeved. I thought I was being courteous letting them know I was going to be a little late. How many times have I had to wait over my time for my appointment? It's not like I left at the last minute. I arrived 10 minutes late. Ten minutes after I sat I was called to the examining room. I mentioned it to the doctor which he apologized for the way his worker abrasively responded. I  obtained my diagnosis, and prescriptions and went along my merry way. 

Thankfully, the storm slowed although didn't stop. I made it back to my Hated Big City and went to the  pharmacy. I've gone to them for years. I've noticed there has been a major change in staff and the last few times they've been unprofessional and laughing loudly and farting around while customers waited which in turn, makes the waiting time longer. 

It took them 20 minutes to find a cream, a box of patches and one pill that was already prepackaged and slap the label on them.  If they had not been laughing and talking about when they wanted off it probably would have taken 5 minutes as I was the only one in there and one at drive through. I understand that they had to put it through my insurance but it still shouldn't have taken that long. I wouldn't have bothered me so much if they hadn't been playing around.

After going through that I had one more stop before heading home. I had to get supper. There is a fast food chicken restaurant we  go to because they have awesome chicken, mashed potatoes and coupons! We can get 5 pieces of chicken, two sides and two biscuits for 5 bucks!  You can't beat that..

There are two locations on the same highway, about 15 minutes away from each other.

I decided to go the one that was closest to my home which is about 15 minutes bypassing the other location. The few times we had gone to this one, we've had one problem or another. Butt I figure give them another chance. Maybe things got better.

I drive up to order. I wait about 1/2 minute. Nothing is coming out of the intercom.

So I say, "Hellllooo!"

A voice announces, "We'll be with you."

I watched my digital clock in my car, a minute passes. Still nothing.

"Helloooooo" I shout getting more impatient.

Voice responses, "We'll be right with you."

I played the Twilight zone theme in my head, you know. DodoDoDoDo...and watched the clock.

Another minute pass and another....

I then say, "Anyone there????"

The voice answers, "Yes, we'll be with you!"

Another minute goes by and another...

That was 5-1/2 minutes and that is no exaggerations.

I thought: Screw this! I drove around. I saw one car at the window. The employee looked at me and I just raised my head like "WTH?" and drove off.

They have lost my business.

I backtracked and went to the location we always go to which I should have done in the first place. It was about 5 miles.

I drove up , there were 3 cars ahead of me...It went smoothly. From the time I got in line to getting my order it was 3 minutes.

Remember there was no one in front of me at the first location except for the one at the window. I waited 5 minutes and still hadn't given my order. I go to the other one, with three other cars ahead of me it took 3 minutes.

What is wrong with that picture?

I did compliment the girl, who worked the window at the second location and told them they did a good job. I've seen her every time I have gone there and sometimes when the intercom is not working right or she can't understand me she says, "Hun, please drive up!" They are always pleasant and courteous.  I will be going the extra miles to this location.

Once hubby went and got down. It was very busy and they had ran out of chicken. Since the customers had to wait longer than usual, the manager gave them a free drink for the inconvenience. 

Needless to say I wrote complaint letters to the pharmacy and the location that I didn't even get my order and a complimentary letter to the faster location. 

Share your story about your experiences you may have had similar to mine with the doctor's office, pharmacy or restaurant.

And as always I appreciate your loyalty to reading my blog whether you comment or not.

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