Thursday, June 6, 2013

Update on Post Regarding: Embarrassment because of CP in FAMILY AND FRIENDS

After a previous post I continued to read the thread on the Cerebral Palsy group.  It disturbed me to see how many others with CP were seen by family members.

I was feeling hurt for these parents. I felt like the embarrassment was directly pointed towards me. On the other hand, I continued to think how God blessed me with such a loving and compassionate daughter.

I needed to call her. There was a deep longing to talk to her. When I heard her voice I started crying. I don't know why.  I really can't explain it.

As I was blubbering I thanked her. All she heard was me crying. She couldn't understand me. It is hard to understand me when I am crying and upset.  Concerned, she kept asking, "Mom, what's wrong?"  I heard some panic in her voice. She thought something happened.

After I calmed down, and took some deep breaths. ( That's our instruction to each other when we are upset) I thanked her for being such a good daughter and explained to her why I was upset. She said it is okay and she loved and appreciated me the way I am.

I needed confirmation though and asked her to be completely honest and tell me if she was ever embarrassed by my CP. She said absolutely not. She didn't think much about it except for when it was hard for me to do something but never embarrassed.

She also reminded me that when she was in 4-H she did a presentation on Cerebral Palsy so maybe others would understand. She doesn't remember the day she stood up for me. But I certainly do because it was that moment that I knew she would be okay with a Mom having CP.

Anyway, regardless how that thread upset me, in the end it made my daughter and I bond even closer. If that is even possible.

Every day I thank God for my daughter. But I have added a thanks for not just the daughter he gave me but for the loving, compassionate person she is.


  1. Wow brought tears 2 my eyes! U have such a beautiful spirit! An a awesome daughter!! I kno u r proud of her! As she is of u!! Wut a blessing u 2 r 2 each other! Sendin lots of love an postive energy! Joanna

    1. I didn't mean for you cry to! Thanks Joanna but you do too! Yes I do and am so proud of her. God is good and he knew we would need each other I believe. Thanks for reading and commenting. Love you!

  2. She sounds like a real sweet heart!

    Pam aka overwhelmed momma planning summer.


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