Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dream: Black Bean, Popcorn and Raisin Medley

Last night I had a dream. Yea, my dreams are off the wall! But at least this one is not about BabyGirl or my car missing or being lost!

It was my parents, Hubby and mother in law staying in a drab room. The room was like one at a Retreat House I attend, except very drabby and empty. Just one room with a small bath connecting.

Don't know where the furniture was. All I saw was four walls of drab grey.

I was standing at the stove I presume because I was looking into a gumbo pot and reading a recipe that was sitting on a counter that looked like the one in my old apartment.

The recipe stated that I had to put a little bit of olive oil at the bottom of the pot. Throw in the popcorn kernels, black beans and raisins. Then allow the popcorn to pop slightly, whatever that means. I was to stir constantly.

Following the directions the popcorn did pop but after it was cooked the popcorn was green so the pot medley was black and green.

Scene changed as most of my dreams do.

I had 4 pieces of chicken and when I was getting ready to serve, I realized that I had five people not four. So I started cutting the chicken pieces in half. In my mind I would cut them in half, put them back together and make 5. I know. Illogical. But its my dream.

So I manage to get my 5 pieces of  chicken and serve everyone. I put the plates in front of everyone. They all look at each other and then at me.

My Mother-in-Law asked, "What in the world?"

Being clueless, I said, "What? Its Black beans, popcorn and raisins." I look around and tell my my mom, "You like black beans."

At my dad and then Hubby: "You like popcorn."

To everyone: "And I like raisins. And it s a veggie to go with the chicken!"

I thankfully woke up!

Veggie! Green popcorn? Black bean, raisin and popcorn medley?

Who knows where that came from!


  1. I would be willing to try it. hehe


    1. If you do let me know how it comes out. :) Don't like black beans!


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