Tuesday, August 20, 2013

21 Years Ago...

God blessed me with BabyGirl who turns legal today. She has been my pride and joy. She has been my  reason to keep living.  She has been a daughter I would never have dreamed of having.

I look back through the years and see how she has grown and matured. 21 years ago, when I held her for the first time I remembered thinking I hope I can be a great mom.  

I had so many worries. Worried if I can be the mom she needed. Worried if she would hate me because I wasn't like other moms. I worried I wouldn't be alive to see her grow up to be an independent woman.   There were so many worries. Some I still worry to this day, about different things. But that's what MOMS do. I guess it is part of our job.

God has blessed me with this awesome, accepting, loving, compassionate beautiful daughter and I thank him DAILY.

I wanted to do something special. After all, she reached a milestone. She is now a legal adult who can drink alcohol. At first, I just planned to take her out with Hubby and I.  And she was okay with that. We were going to go to Olive Garden.

Then I started to think.  This is a special moment in her life. A milestone.  I know being with us would be totally fine with her but then an idea started to form.

What if I could give her a surprise party with both her families?? Not too big, just parents, grandparents and her step siblings and Nanny and Parain and a few friends. Her friends weren't able to make it as they had to work but I have to give it to her BFF/roommate, "K'. Because she kept the secret. She was awesome and has earned my trust!

Her father and I cannot have a conversation. It is what it is. But what if we can put our differences aside and join together to make OUR daughter a special day for her this year.

So I contacted her stepmother. Her stepmother and I communicate better than my ex and I. I love her. I know that is weird but she is a genuine good person. I don't know how they ended up together but she has to deal with him and she has been like another mother to my daughter.

I attempted to make reservations at Olive Garden but after a long discussion, they said they don't take reservations. It's first come, first serve. That is for another post.

So I went to Plan B. I called Johnny Carino's and they took reservations for 20 people. So we were set.

I made BabyGirl believe we were going to Olive Garden. I promised her I would buy her glass of wine but we had to drive her there and back. When Hubby and I picked her up, I told her that I had called Olive Garden but they wouldn't take reservations and it would be 1-1/2 hour wait so we decided to go to Johnny Carino's  She said okay.

When we got there everyone was waiting for her. When she walked in she was surprised! She said, "Holy Sh-t".  Her stepmother reprimanded her about the language but I GOT HER GOOD with the surprise!

BabyGirl walking in with Hubby. I was behind them. See her face? LOL!
We all had a good time. She told me later we don't know how much it meant to her that we all got together for her! And that was my goal, to make her see how special she is. SO special that everyone came to help celebrate!

The food was great and our waitress was awesome! 

Here are some more photos I have selected from her birthday.

BabyGirl, Hubby and I! (I hate pics with me in them)
Babygirl holding her stepneice Peyton, my sister (Her Nanny) and my brother-in-law Ted.

So as not to give her suspicious, we gave her gift at her apartment. The funny thing is her father and I gave her the SAME card! That was all too weird.

BabyGirl and her Granny and PaPa (My parents)

BabyGirl and her dad and awesome Stepmom

I am so thankful that it all came together as it did.  I am thankful that I actually pulled it off because that smile on her face was all worth it!

Happy 21st Birthday BabyGirl!


  1. That is just so sweet of you and I am so glad it turned out so well! Shame on Olive Garden for not allowing people to make reservations for large crowds. Their loss!

    Happy Birthday from California!

    1. Thank you so much Pam, from Louisiana!

      I am glad too! Yep, you are so right! Their loss! But they sent us a $50 gift card for our "inconvenience" LOL

      Thanks as always for reading and commenting!


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