Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Review: Divine Towels

I normally don't write book reviews but since I promised the author, Beau Jason McGlynn  I would.

Initially, he grabbed my attention with a post on one of Facebook's Cerebral Palsy group. 

Jason took Scriptures of the Bible and rolled it into a modern day parable. His knowledge of the bible astounded me. Yes, I read my bible but it was just awesome to see how he could parallel it to this day and age.

"Divine Towels" is a work of fiction. Its about a son, Ethan and his mother, Claire who struggle through life but never doubt their love for God and God's love for them. For years they have tried to figure out God's plan for them. They want to be servants of God. But they don't know how.

Then one day God speaks to them and they begin their journey opening a nonprofit store, Divine Towels, to heal people. They are vessels of God following his guidance. The service affects people in a phenomenal way. 

 They become successful but they face opposition. 

I don't want to give any spoilers and want you to read it to see what happens. You won't be disappointed!

I obviously highly recommend this book, no matter what your religion is or what you believe in.

It reminded me what all of us are supposed to be doing, loving and serving God. 

I requested the book from the library which they obliged as I don't keep many books. But I guarantee you that I am buying my own copy to sit on my book shelf. I know for sure you can get it on Amazon or for your Kindle or other computer.


  1. This sounds very interesting, will check it out. I have an operation next week and can read this on my whole day off or two while I heal.


    1. I hope you it all goes well and you have a speedy recovery! I'll say a prayer for you. And yes you can probably read it in one day, especially laid up!


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