Monday, September 9, 2013

Why I Couldn't Be Football Player!

Yes! Folks! It is that time again. Are you readddyyy for some fooootballl?!

This weekend my favorite Collegiate and NFL teams won. Yea, that's right!

Our Mighty LSU tigers easily snuffed out the UAM Blazers, 17-56!

And our New Orleans Saints made all the so-called "ANALYSTS" eat their words that our Saints couldn't win the Atlanta Falcons. The Saints love their fans at the edge of their seats but they pulled it off 23-17. It just wouldn't be them if they didn't do so.

Through the years I have watched football I've come up with some thoughts of why I couldn't be a football player. I would love to make millions of bucks running after a ball.

And these reasons may or may not be associated with my Cerebral Palsy. I'll let you come up with your own conclusions about them.

One: If I fell I wouldn't be able to jump back up as they do. I envy them. Someone would have to help me up. Or we would get a delay of game until I got up and that could be a while.

Two:  When I would get tackled it would tick me off royally. Think about it. You running with the ball aiming for that goal line. You see it getting closer and then BAM! You're hit.  You fall down or get pushed out of bounds. No. I don't think so.  I would want to jump them, scratch their eyes out and pound my fists into them!

And I probably wouldn't want to get up. Yea, that minor problem again.

Three:  I would hate my fellow teammates bumping my helmet with his or chest bumping. Or slapping my helmetC;o.pushing my head every which way. No. I don't think so. High five me with hands but none of the mentioned.   I know it is excitement but C'mon!  You can hurt someone like that!

Also, no running to me and jumping on me to catch you or wrap your legs around me n excitement. Again, I would fall down.

Four: I would not be able to drink with someone squirting the liquid in my mouth, especially after they just squirted into another person's mouth..First, I can't drink like that..and then the germs...EWWW!!

Five: The long practices and exercise would do me in.

Six: If you're in NFL you play through rain, sleet, heat and cold. I'll stay in my dry warm cozy house.

Seven: Wearing the big bulky uniform would weigh me down.

Eight: If I survived the game, I wouldn't want to deal with the aches. pains and bruises after. Then have to get up and do it all over again the next weekend.

I am sure these are only a few that I can think of. I really need to have pen and paper next to me when I watch it so I can jot ideas down.

Ya'll enjoy the football season! Root for your teams! But remember there is no reason to be nasty with someone who is not for your team. It's great to joke in fun etc but there's no need to get all bent out of shape.

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