Thursday, October 24, 2013

BabyGirl Discovers World Market

My BabyGirl can be so funny sometimes.

During one of our mother/daughter outings last week, we stopped at CVS. I told her to pick out some candy and consider it her Halloween gift.

I know! How many parents actually give their child, especially adult children, a gift for Halloween?

In front of the cashier register there was a bin of mini bottles of wine. Her favorite kind, Moscato was included.

My daughter takes after me liking wine. I am sure she drinks more than me. Also, we both get all gaga about small and cute things. We agreed that the mini bottles were cute.

She requested to have the wine instead of the candy.

After making her promise she would not drink and drive, I bought her the wine AND candy.

Then the beginning of this week she calls me bubbling with joy!

She went to World Market for the first time.

Side note: My mother in law works there and I've been there a few times.  She has given us awesome cookies, candy and chips from there. YUM!

She excitedly rambled, "Mom they a lot of WINE there."

I said, "Yes, they do!"

She continued, "But they have all kinds of WINE, cool wine glasses and kitchen stuff."

I laughed and repeated, "Yes, they do."

She kept repeating joyfully, "They have wine, and cool wine glasses!"

After we finished the call, I chuckled to myself. It made me happy to be reminded that she is like me getting excited about simple things or when discovering new things.


  1. This is such a cute post! The first time I went to world market, I thought I had died and gone to wine heaven! If I have a glass tonight, I will be toasting you.:)

    1. Thanks Nocorngirl! Yea World Market has wonderful things. Thanks for the toast :)

  2. The desk I work at every single day along with the small rolling filing cabinet is from world market! Hooray! lol

    1. You have splendid taste Ms Pam :). Thanks for reading and commenting!


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