Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Picture With 2 stories

The first story is I am ready for some LSU football. Hubby gave me the socks for my birthday. We don't usually give gifts as we are getting older and we eventually get what we want ourselves. I love my socks!

The second story is the ridiculously long CVS receipt for about 8 items. If they would give shorter receipts they would save lots of money. And what is irritating is there are coupons for things I don't need or bought at that time and the expiration date is usually one or two weeks.

But on a good note. When I was checking out the girl told me it was 5.43. My meds don't cost no less than $35, it is usually $35-$78 depending on which meds I refill.

I asked her if she was sure and she said yes. I was dumbfounded.

I suggested there was something wrong because it is usually more than that. She said, "No, it says 5.43"

I persisted asking her if she was absolutely sure. She said, "Yes, that is it."

I paid my 5.43.

I thought afterwards its either she made a huge mistake or maybe my account was tagged to not charge me because of the inconvenience they gave me for my flu shot a few weeks ago. You can read about that fiasco here.

I guess I may find out when I get my EOB from my insurance.

Now I am ready for some LSU FOOTBALL! Hope they do better this week than last week! GEAUX TIGERS!


  1. Every once in awhile I think you deserve a break from the ridiculous amounts we spend at pharmacies. Good for you. Can I just say I love this picture of you. And the socks! You look great.

    1. You are so right. We do need a break. I am curious to see what my EOB for my insurance is going to show. I'm pretty sure they'll take what the insurance covers. I don't like pictures of myself but thank you!

  2. I am trying to remember the useful coupons for CVS to save some money. Got a wedding coming down the tracks and need to help out the kids as much as possible.
    Love your Puple!

    1. CVS coupons are rarely helpful to me because the coupons they give are for things I had just bought and the expiration date is no more than 7 days usually. Good luck with the wedding! Thanks!


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