Saturday, December 7, 2013

Dream: BabyGirl Got Married

I have such vivid dreams! Of course BabyGirl was in this one. But she wasn't young. Actually she was a young woman in a beautiful white dress. She was getting married but she was blubbering big time. I kept asking her what's wrong. She would just look at me and cry. The conversation went like this:

She sobbed throughout but able to respond to a few questions.
Me: What's wrong?
Her: She was sobbing so hard she couldn't talk.
Me: Look, you don't have to marry right now. You can back out even if you are on the altar.
Her: (Still sobbing) But I love him.
Me: If you have doubts, don't marry him. Don't make the mistake.
Her: But Mom I love CHARLES!

I continued to tell her all the things Mothers tell their daughters when they are getting married. Be sure this is what you want. You can back out anytime. You can wait longer.

This went on seemingly forever over and over.

Dream scene changed and I was walking her down the aisle of what appeared to be an auditorium. I was on one side of her and a creepy looking man was on her other side. It was not her father.

She sobbed nonstop.

I woke up.

Funniest part is she has never dated any Charles that I know of and her boyfriend's name is not Charles.

Have no analysis on this one.


  1. Sounds like one of my amytriptaline

    1. LMAO! Don't know what kind of dream that was but I have such weird dreams. Thanks for commenting and reading


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