Wednesday, December 4, 2013

How We Celebrated Our 2nd Anniversary

Yesterday as you know, if you read yesterday's post, we celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary.

I want to share with you how we spent it.

We started by swinging by the main library we us to finally pick Once Upon A Time Season II that we have been waiting months for. We continued on our journey to UL College to meet BabyGirl to give her some money she needed. It was a quick stop and go. But I got to see her. She is still alive and beautiful.

I have a simple request. Say a little prayer that she gets through finals this and next week. After this semester she has one left and then she goes to grad school or however she tends to pursue her lifelong career. She keeps changing her mind so your guess is just as good as mine.

Then we made our way to another library on that end of the city to pick up a movie Hubby had requested there.

Leaving there, we weaved through the crazy traffic and arrived at our destination--Rooms to Go. Our plan was to reacquaint ourselves to what was available. We have ideas of what we want.

We want a small dining table to fit 4 chairs. We already have the four chairs his mother is giving us, They were re-stained and in process of putting fabric seating. It is hard to match the stain and find a small table. A lot of the tables we saw were for 6-8 people or pub style that were high. Also the few small ones we saw were glass. I am not keen on glass. Hubby says it may be a good idea as it is easier to match. He has a point. But I am still thinking about it and looking.

We also needed a bed and two bedside tables with mattress which I am happy to say we found what we wanted. The bed is so cool! The mattress will be so comfy. You can check out the bed frame here.

We were also looking at consoles and media room chairs. I am tired of the wall unit we have. It was a nice wall unit my parents had given me as a new home gift when BabyGirl's father and I had bought a new home years ago.  I am tired of it.  We found a cool console but we weren't sure about the measurements.

Note: I had mentioned to Hubby that maybe we need to take measurements before we left. But he sorta shrugged it off saying we were just going to look. Shall I say more? I was the good little wife that didn't utter "I told you so."

We're having our differences in the height of the console. I keep telling myself it is mainly his man cave so I need to let him make his own decision. I did voice it but he said I will be in it just as much as him as that's where our television is.

We also want sofa-type theater seats with two seats with the cup holders on each end. However, all we find is the cup holders in the middle. We do want to snuggle on the couch! Also, the ones we saw are leather. He doesn't necessarily like the leather. I suspect we will be looking some more for this.

We didn't buy anything because if we get the console, we want to buy it all together. We are going back Thursday to at least buy the bedroom set!

The salesman, James who waited on us was so nice and gave no pressure although he always around when we had questions. He asked us when we would be going back. Randal said maybe tomorrow. He gave us his card and cell phone number because he is off Wednesday but he would come in for us. Now how sweet was that?  I need to remember to write a complimentary note after our transactions are done. However, we know how precious days off are so we will go Thursday instead.

After spending about 1 hour there we moseyed onto Basset Furniture. They can customize our two media chairs the way we want them in fabric…for double the price of our whole bedroom set.  We are contemplating.

We will be looking around some more for the items we are still iffy on. The bed was one of the most important items we really needed. We accomplished it.

By that time, I felt my tendinitis becoming irritated and I was getting tired. It was time to take a breather.

We went eat at one of our favorite places, Logan's Steakhouse. Hubby had the grilled Salmon with sauteed mushrooms and rice pilaf. I had the 6 oz Angus beef sirloin with a loaded potato and skewered grilled mushrooms. They have also started serving my favorite drink DR PEPPER!! Everything was delicious and I have been stuffed since :).

In the middle of lunch  he asked if I wanted to go the movies. Just out of the blue. We had discussed maybe seeing a movie this week since he is on vacation but wasn't expecting that day. LOL.

We went see Hunger Games II. We had just seen Hunger Games I and I loved it. I am not going to give any spoilers. But being that it is a trilogy it has to have cliffhanger. The first open ender wasn't so bad but this one I dislike. Otherwise, great movie. A lot of violence but love the story.

 I almost want to read the books. But history has shown if I read a book then watch the movie, I am disappointed in the movie. I always rather the books than the movie.

For example, lets take the Harry Potter Books and movies. BabyGirl and I read every Harry Potter book. We were one of the 1000's in line at Barnes and Nobles the night they came out at midnight. It was our tradition. BabyGirl read each Harry Potter at least 10 times, some more than that. So she knew the books very well. You can ask her if you don't believe me. She started reading it the moment we got into the car and didn't stop until she was finished. Thank God it was always on a weekend night.

We anticipated the movies. They were a let down for me. The movies were longer than any other movie at the time. As I watched I was confused because they had cut some out. I thought it ruined the story. But it is only my opinion.

So that's why I am conflicted if I should read the books or not. I probably won't. I 'll get over the disappointing ending.

The movie ended our day and we made it back home in one piece.

I consider that a great Anniversary outing!


  1. Wow, I'm tired just thinking of all those you had a good day together!

  2. Yea I was rather tired at the end of the day but it was a 'good' tired! Thanks my friend!


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