Saturday, December 14, 2013

Hospitalization: Reason for Disappearance

Hey Everyone! Yep! It's littlecajunme!

It has been one hellish week. I saw a lot of comments to be published and a lot of blog posts. I am so sorry I have been unresponsive to these as well as private messages, emails, etc. I don't know when I will be able to catch up so I can't promise a certain day but do know that I will eventually. I love every one of you and don't want anyone to feel ignored. After you hear my explanation I am hopeful that you will understand. Thank you!

For the past few weeks my tummy has been bothering me, but it came and went. I had planned to make an appointment with my GI doctor. 

Last Saturday and Sunday I was feeling drained and my tummy had some dull cramping. 

Sunday, Hubby and I ate pizza while watching the Saints game. It did not stay in my tummy, if you know what I mean. I will not give details. I started dry heaving thereafter.

Monday morning I called my GI doctor. He has an office in Lafayette, nearest me (about 30 minutes one way) and one in New Iberia, where most of my other doctors are (55 minutes one way depending on traffic.). Of course, the earliest appointment in the Lafayette office would be Dec 18th. The earliest in New Iberia would be the Wednesday so I grabbed it.

I was weak, my tummy was hurting and I just didn't feel good. I dry heaved almost nonstop. Literally! I have a history of dehydration after nausea and vomiting. All I was keeping down was water which I considered good because it would continue to hydrate me, or so I thought.

On that day and the next day, we were trying everything to maintain my strength. I was in bed the whole time except to potty. MyHubby was really concerned. (He even told me later that he had tears seeing me this way. I feel so bad for that. UGH!) I was concerned about myself but shhhhh..I'll never admit it.

He bought me Popsicles and it came right back up after consumption. He cooked mashed potatoes which sometimes calm my stomach. It didn't come back up but I was only able to eat 1/4 cup. I  continued to dry heave until I got to the doctor. 

Hubby took off work for my appointment. He had to literally pick me up (He didn't bother trying to change me out of my jammies) and put me on the back seat of the car. On the way, he suggested we should just go to the ER. I told him we're going to the GI doctor, who could figure it out. Against his better judgment he brought me to the doctor's office.

He carried me into the office and sat me down. The receptionist saw me and must've told his Assistant. They called me right away while there was a room full of patients waiting. The Assistant told us to go to the ER. She said I was very dehydrated and malnourished. There was nothing they could do there. I would need fluids and tests. "SIGH!!"

Yes, later on I put my big girl panties on and told MyHubby he was right.

MyHubby picked me up, carried me to the car, laid me back onto the back seat and drove around to the hospital that was next door. He drove to the ER door, got me out of the car and carried me into ER where the ER personnel took over.

Thank God I don't weigh much and he is a strong man!

I was a little incoherent. And the rest of the day was blurry. The people MyHubby said arrived in ER  to see about me is like they were in a dream. I don't remember what neither one of us said. I wasn't even sure if it was real. 

Nurses inserted an IV with anti nausea med and fluids and the dry heaving FINALLY stopped. They poked and prodded me. My blood sugar was very low among my electrolytes.

I was admitted and bedridden with IV, cardiac monitor and urine catheter.

The following days were full of pokes, and prods, beepers, people walking in and out. Some were like vampires taking vials of my blood. I slept in-between everything. I remember thinking I just want to sleep!

By Thursday I was doing pretty good and was being discharged. Someone made a boo boo  and ordered a regular diet. I ate a portion of it and it came up again. Discharge was postponed until Friday night.

There is a lot in between I want to share with you in those days but will do at a later date. I am pooped.

The cause of it all is a mystery. The diagnosis kept coming up as "maybe gastritis," dehydration and malnourished. As MyHubby said the only thing that was take care of were the symptoms. There was never a definitive diagnosis.

I do feel better somewhat. I am keeping soft foods and Ensure down. It's progress.

I was not walking for several days. When I was finally out of the bed it was like learning to walk all over again. It felt like 2 lead weights on my legs. It's hard for me to get from Point A to Point B with LESS then the little balance I already have. So FREAKING FRUSTRATING!

Add weakness, aches and pains from the whole ordeal and you get one sickly half-grumpy little person 

I keep the grumpiness to myself with the exception of a discussion with an insurance representative who won't approve my anti nausea medicine. In the end I can't get that med because doctor is ER doctor and they need a fax to get prior authorization. Yes that is right. I have to get prior authorization for a prescription a DOCTOR who wrote it! I told her they better hope I don't get nauseous because if I do, I will be coming after them when I recover like a bat out of hell! I enforced it with "Don't think this is a threat, it is a freaking promise!"

I have a follow-up with my GI doctor on Monday and a follow-up with Family Doctor Wednesday. 

Such Joy! Not! But I continue on trudging.

Anyway, I hope this is a sufficient explanation of my disappearance. 


  1. I'm so sorry you're sick. That's so awful and I do hope they figure out the cause soon enough. We will be here whenever you feel up to it. Sending hugs and healing energy. Xx

    1. Thanks Barb! Don't wish this on anyone! Sending hugs back xx

  2. omg! I've had similar gastritis mysteries happen to me. Not fun.

  3. Oh my gosh girl, you have been through the ringer! I just thought you were busy with the holidays....busy, that was an understatement. You have been missed but now you need to focus on getting well!!!
    What a sweetheart of a hubby to take care of you and thank God he was there. I hope the doctors can get you back to normal soon. Take care of yourself and don't worry about your blog....


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