Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Update Medical Status

So here I am once again. I did a disappearance act again. My Hubby dropped me off at my Mom's Sunday night so she could bring me to the doctor since Hubby had taken off the week before to be by my side in the hospital.

Let me just say this. My parents and I have been through ALOT of stuff through the years. But my mom and I are close because she has been by my side every minute I needed her to be. We've been through a lot of stuff together through the years. I cannot comprehend what I would have done without her help. I am blessed that I can count on her. I can tell she is aging and she is into a lot of things but she will drop everything for her kids, grand kids and great grand-kids. I am so very lucky to have an awesome mom like her.

Not to undermine what my Dad does for me. He is just in a different spectrum. He was the one making the money to supporting his family and taking care of my sister when Mom was busy with me. I know also if I call him and tell him I need him, he will be there. As a matter of fact, the day I was admitted to the hospital, my mom was held up with a grand kid but he came see about me, although I vaguely remember it.

Anyway. Hubby was reluctant because he wanted to be there but I told him he needed to work. He took the time off for me for three days last week without hesitation.  So the next morning Mom brings me to the Gastrointestinal Doctor's office. I, once again, did not see the doctor but the Nurse Practitioner. She only repeated what she said in the hospital. She told me to go back the next day to do a gastroscopy. She said they may need to do a esophageal dilation which I figured already.

For a gastroscopy also known as EGD, upper endoscopy or esophagogastroduodenoscopy, a tube is inserted through the mouth into the stomach and upper intestine.

We weren't expecting it to be so soon but relieved it was. MyHubby was going to take off work again but my Mom told him she was going to be there regardless if he was there or not. I told him he did not have to be there. I would not hold it against me. He had been doing a lot of back and forth already. I told him he could just sleep at home again and go to work while mom takes me to do the test. He could come pick me up the afternoon after the test.  I know he felt like he was being pulled and didn't want me to feel neglected by him. We promised he would be notified of the results and after it was over. It wasn't like I was having surgery.

The next morning I had to be there for 10:30 am without eating or drinking anything after midnight. There was a full waiting room. I handed the filled-out paperwork the Nurse Practiticioner gave me the day before. We waited and waited.

On the paperwork they covered themselves stating to arrive expecting to be there for most of the day. They weren't kidding!

Their process was they called you, went over the paper work, collected whatever money you may owe, tagged you with a name bracelet and sent you back out to wait some more.

When it was my turn to be tagged, I was NOT on the schedule.  To make a long frustrating story short, luckily I had the brochure with me with the date on it. They finally tagged me and sent me back out. I figured this was going to take longer because they had to call my insurance.

I blame the Nurse Practiticioner for not doing her job.

Anyway, at 11:55 am they finally called me. 12 noon they wheeled me into the room. Finally, I see the Doc for a few seconds while the Nurse inserted my IV. (She had to stick me twice, I am so tired of being stuck!) The anesthesiologist came explaining he is going to push some sedation medication into the IV and I'll fade out. He put the syringe into the IV port and the next thing I knew I was waking up at 12:36 pm. There was a clock I could see so that's how I know the times.

The test resulted in a few findings:

1)  Confirmation of gastritis, inflammation of the stomach lining.
2)  Esophageal ring: Not stricture: A narrowing at the end of the esophagus that was inflamed.
3)  A small hiatal hernia.

They dilated my esophagus and changed my Nexium to Prilosec and I will continue my Flagyl until it is all gone. I am going to see him or the NP, most likely Monday for follow-up.

MyHubby came pick me up after work. We came home and I was wiped out. I climbed into bed around 8:30 pm.

I can tell it will be a slow recovery from my hospital stay and procedure. Please pray that I get the strength and patience with myself to listen to my body and slow down as I did this morning.

Christmas was weighing on my mind. I left this morning and went to Wallyworld. I found the two Santa Gifts I needed and picked up my Prilosec along with a few items. I could tell my body was telling me to stop.

I made it through check out, got to my car, put my items in trunk, drove to Wendys, which is on my way home and picked up a potato. I came home, grabbed the bags of cold stuff leaving the other bags for Hubby to get when he gets home. I ate my delicious potato. AAAhhh!! REAL FOOD! Then I literally plopped into bed and slept for a few hours. I am done for the day.

I need to let go of my pride some and allow Hubby to make dinner tonight. You have no idea how hard that is to do.

Anyway that is where I am now as far as medical.


  1. I have had an ulcerated lining of the esophagus and a few endoscopies. I know how bad I felt so I can imagine how you feel. Rest is key. I do know how hard it is to be laid up but your body is telling you to rest. The prilosec worked wonders and one healed I felt great. Listen to nurse Barbara! Hugs xx

    1. I am sorry you had to go through this as well Barbara. Yea I know and have no choice to listen to my body because it'll just shut down regardless! LOL! Thanks for sharing your story and your reassurance it will get better xx

  2. You have really been through the mill...I pray for your speedy recovery and that you will be good as new soon and enjoying the holidays with your family. And your hubby...let him cook. Its good to let them be in charge, or at least think they are. lol.
    Happy dreams!

  3. Betty, yes it is and he did a good job LOL! Yea I am amazed how much my body goes through but keeps going! Thanks so much and I wish you and your family a joyous holiday season!

  4. hi Lisa! So glad you are on the mend. I went through a similar episode of gastritis in 2007. It was hellish so I really feel for you. I hope you are resting. I'm proud of you for letting hubby cook.


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