Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Last Post….

of 2013 that is. I gotcha didn't I? 

Another year is coming to an end.  I look back at this time last year, MyHubby and I were "Homeless". The home buying process was coming to an end and there were delays of getting it on our property.  We spent Christmas and New Years living at my awesome Mother-in-law's. 

God works in mysterious ways because since then I think my MIL and I have bonded in certain ways. I think she has learned I am not totally disabled and am capable of taking care of her son. I have learned that she is only a concerned mother and she is full of more wisdom than I can imagine.

My health was overall stable until my hospital visit this month. It hit me hard. But I am still kicking. The tendinitis is still bugging me but oh well.

I used to make New Years Resolutions but I find them useless for me. 

Anyway our Christmas of 2013 was memorable. Christmas Eve, we shared it with Hubby's family. We went to the Memorial service in remembrance of his dad and all others who had lost a loved one. I think it is a beautiful event.  After we enjoyed a nice dinner at my brother-in-laws home and visited with his nieces and mother.

Christmas Day, we went to my niece's as my sister is remodeling her home so my niece volunteered. She was a great hostess. We again had a great meal. I was able to meet my second great nephew. Now we have 3 small children in our family again. It was fun to see them.

The oldest is 2 year old Andrew who is very busy, energetic and all boy. 

Then there is cutie pie 1-1/2 year old all girl Lillian, happy, quiet and rather do her own thing.

Jonah is the youngest 5 months who is also a happy boy who wouldn't cry with anyone who picked him up. I got the chance to hold him, kiss him and squeeze the cut little cheeks (Softly). 

The blessing was everyone was there. Sometimes someone was offshore or off to another place. This year all of my family was together. 

Oh and I met BabyGirl's boyfriend for the first time. I gave him a subtle short talk about not hurting my daughter. He took it well. I wasn't able to talk to him one to one like I would have liked to but if he is around I'm sure I'll get to know him more. He seems like a nice wholesome guy.

After we left there we decided to go see if my BFF, JoAnn was home. She lives right down the road from my sister and niece. My niece lives a few doors down from my sister. 

The few times I had gone no one was home. They didn't even know where we lived. But our friendship is like that. We may not talk to each other for months or even years, but we continue where we left off. Miraculously, she was there with her crazy husband and her Mom who I hadn't see in a long time.

JoAnn's husband and I get along great. We pull tricks on each other and jokingly insult each other. I am thankful my best friend finally found this man. She deserves the best.

They have an X-box for when her grand kids go. We checked it out. It is pretty cool. It is better than the Wii and PlayStation that we have. I laughed until I cried watching MyHubby and Joann play a game. It was so funny to see their faces and movements. Ahh that will be a memorable time.

We came home later than we expected but it was all worthwhile. 

We are going back to my brother-in-law's New Year's Day to have a meal and watch some LSU football!!!!! GEAUX TIGERS!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I wish you a safe and Happy New Year! Be careful if you go out New Year's Eve or Day!


  1. So glad you had a great Christmas. Let's hope for an even better New Year! Xx

  2. Haha, yep you got me! Happy New Year!

    1. Pam, Hehehee…You have no idea how that made my day! Happy New Year!

  3. Thanks Barb. Yep I hope had one too and I'll pray all of bloggers have a better year!


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