Saturday, December 21, 2013

Paying For Daddy's Meal

Since the few previous posts were rather drab, it's time to make you chuckle.

Let me tell you about my Daddy. He has always been a loving and supporting father. He has worked hard and continue to do so even retired. He is busy busy busy although he had a stroke at a young age, around 1984. I remember around that time because I was working. Ever since then he has an aneurysm and many other problems and is not in the best of health. Due to a combination of his medical history and working in a very loud hoist building at a salt mine for many years, he is hard of hearing, especially in a public venue with a lot of people talking and noise.

At the beginning of each month, my Mom's sisters and brothers get together at a local restaurant. Somehow MyHubby and I have infiltrated their get-together. It's the only time I would see some of my aunts and uncles. I enjoy their company and the food. No one has kicked us out so we try to go every month although it is an hours drive one way.

My Daddy's birthday was at the beginning of this month. My mom was at retreat at the time of the monthly dinner. So MyHubby and I decided to treat Daddy.

We arrived at the restaurant first so we told the waitress to put Daddy on our bill but don't tell him. We knew he would refuse and give us a hard time. 

After the delicious meal, the waitress started giving out bills. Daddy was watching her intently. As she was walking away after giving everyone their bills I heard Daddy loudly ask her where was his bill. She completely ignored him. I don't know if she just didn't hear or totally ignored him for our sake. 

I saw his eyes follow the waitress. When she came closer he jokingly asked if he was eating free. She laughingly responded, "Yes you sure are!" 

He likes to joke as well.

He thought she was joking with him and he said, "Oh okay." He was not convinced and was really confused.

Everyone had their credit cards and cash out and the waitress eventually picked them up. 

Again, Daddy stated to her that he still hasn't received a bill.  She chuckled. "Maybe you don't have one."

I saw the look of confusion on his face. Maybe he just couldn't hear her clearly or he was really confused.

As she passed out the receipts she was chatting with us and skipped Daddy. Daddy said, "Everyone got their bills but me."  She just laughed.

I could tell it was time to tell him with the look on his face of growing agitation and it was already done so he couldn't argue with us. 

Hubby was sitting next to Daddy with me next to Hubby. I told Hubby to tell Daddy not to worry about it. It's paid.

Daddy said, "Oh really? Who?" 

As I said, Daddy has many medical issues and his memory loss is one of them. I can tell him one thing and the next breath he will ask or say something about what I had just said.

He said, "Really?" He scans the room.

I gestured to him and mouthed, "Don't worry about it."

With his hand to his ear, he asked, "What?"

I can't yell over the noise so tapped Hubby to tell him it is paid for already.

Hubby turns to Daddy, "Don't worry about it, your meal is paid for."

Daddy finally gets it! And starts refusing. I walked up to him and scolded, "No, just hush.  It's done. Happy Birthday!" I never hush my Daddy by the way. 

He continued to dig in his wallet. I said in his ear, "It's all paid for Daddy!"

He asked, "The tip?" I confirmed it was paid for too.

He thanked us and I am grateful he just took it in stride. I think he was relieved that his mystery was solved.

We did give the waitress a little extra for playing along with us.

My parents don't often let their kids pay for anything and it is nice to just have them LET us pay once in a while.

Does your parents give a hard time when you want to do something nice for them?


  1. That's a cute story and nice that you did that for him. Great waitress too.

  2. Oh the day my kids offer to pay for me I will gladly let them because that will show me that they finally have really grown up and truly appreciate all we have done. r

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting Michelle. I think my parents mindset is that I am still a little girl or still struggling so bad we can't pay for their dinner once in a while. He took it better than I thought!

  3. Great story, and yes... my dad does if we try to pay for anything or help with anything.... he is just too darn proud so if we do help out we have to sneak.

  4. Yea, I guess that is what it is with our father's. Pride. Thanks for reading and commenting!


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