Friday, January 24, 2014

It's A Snow Kind of Day!

Yessir (or Ma'am)! Deep South of Louisiana has snow today. Schools are closed. Government agencies are shut down. I guess we don't get mail either.

I know my friends up north who deals with snow regularly think schools closed? Government shut down? Yep! See! In these parts of our great USA, we are not used to snow. 

The "experts" here say it makes for hazardous driving ( People can't drive in clear weather), afraid of power outages etc. 

I personally think it is crazy to close down Government agencies. C'mon. They just had MLK off. 

Here a few pictures taken from the inside of my backdoor. 

My steps. So glad I didn't have to go down them today.
My poor little car all alone in the snow. The little circle next to it without snow was where Hubby's car had been .

My driveway from back door. Sorry couldn't get a better shot. I'm  lucky to get these in the COLD.

To all of you who deals with snow every year. I do NOT envy you. When everything is covered with snow looking all serene, is fine but otherwise, ya'll can keep it. 

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