Monday, February 3, 2014

Here I am, Elmer Fudd

First, I know I have not been participating in commenting on your blogs, those who I follow. But I am reading them! Ya'll rock!

As you may have figured out by this post, I like video games.

I love shooting games and in the past month, Hubby has bought me several for the Wii and PS3. I'm getting used to them and having fun.

He found a great deal for a game, Carabella Africa and the gun with it. So he decided to buy it. By the way, we only buy used games so we are not spending megabucks we don't have.

We get home and opened the box. I held it up like I'd be shooting.

He blurts out laughing saying, "You remind me of Elmer Fudd without the hat." He imitated me with his hands up like he is aiming a gun,"Where's that wabbit??"

I was sorta confused until he explained. Then I burst out laughing too.

Sometimes I'll be doing something just normal but he'll laugh or smile. I ask him what is so funny? He just says"You. Some things you say or do is just funny." I become perplexed sometimes.

I remember once he laughed at something I did and I LET it hurt my feelings until I realized he wasn't teasing or insulting me.  He says sometimes the way I say something is cute or funny.

So I figured if I can make him laugh, that's all that counts! I know we adore and love each other immensely.

Do you do something to make your loved one laugh that makes you wonder sometimes?

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