Thursday, April 10, 2014

Doesn't Anyone Have Any Invitation Etiquette Anymore?

I was taught if I wanted to invite someone to an event, I needed to gather up all of the names (first and last) and their addresses. If I didn't know their addresses I had to call them or find out another way. Then I had to Address an envelope for EACH INDIVIDUAL unless they lived in the same household.

Maybe etiquette is lost on most people nowadays.

My mom received an invitation with my name, my sister and  her names. My sister and I have not lived with our parents for YEARS.

Mom said the invite was to a couple's baby shower. There was no last name except for what appears to be the hostess. It instantly through my mom off. My mom couldn't think of who the shower was for because there was no last name to the persons the shower was given for.  I have a guess who it is but why should I have to guess?

We also know many people by those (First) names.

They had my married name so that tells me they probably have seen me on Facebook. So why couldn't they ask me for my address?

Also she received the invitation yesterday, the shower is this weekend. There was a RSVP as well. That was a little last minute eh?

I don't know why but it perturbed me. MyHubby said they may be trying to save on stamps. I said well if I am not worth the value of a stamp they don't deserve my presence. Or if they would have just emailed my invitation would have been better. Not the best thing but better.

What do you think about having three different households on one invitation, especially when a few haven't even lived at the residence for 20+ years? How close do you think an invitation should be given before the event?

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