Thursday, June 19, 2014

What Kind of Parent is That?

A child is a precious gift from God. He expects us to care for them and love them, unconditionally.

I understand that some parents don't know how to be a parent. Many of us didn't. We had to learn as we went. We have to have the love, compassion and common sense to guide us to be the best parents we can be.

Parents need to be there for their child financially, emotionally and spiritually until they are a certain age.

If we want them to succeed we need to give them the tools to do so or at least help them along.

Children owe their parents nothing. They didn't decide to come into this world. We brought them into this world.

I know it comes to a point that our children become adults and we have to let them use the tools we have given them.

But sometimes they need that extra help.

After I graduated from high school, my parents knew I had to get transportation. They got me a used car. All I needed to do is go to school and make good grades.

When I decided to buy my own car a few years later after I earned my nursing license and worked for a while I needed help to get the loan for the car. My dad cosigned for me and all that was expected of me was to pay the notes.

I know this child who had moved out of their parent's house and needed a loan to get a car. They needed a cosigner. When they asked their father, he said he would cosign if the child moved back in the house. The child refused to do so and the father refused to co-sign. The child struggled but made other arrangements. The mother was not financially capable.

I know of a different child who was going to school for what they wanted. Their father wanted the child to major in something else. When the child didn't budge, he made comments nearly every time he saw them about why the child should have majored in something else.

What kind of parent is that?

Why do some parents think it is all about them? Or they think their children owe them, when actually the parent owes them.

It just boggles my mind.

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