Sunday, June 15, 2014

When Family Can't Pay to Bury A Loved one

I learned something this week that has made me sad.

Do you know that if someone dies and the family cannot afford the funeral, the coroner keeps the body in the morgue until:
a) The family comes up with the money by themselves or they have fundraisers to raise the money or
b) SOMETIMES the church will help?

He said sometimes it is a long time.

I had just finished choosing my casket and preparing for my funeral when the Mortuary Director, Dan gave me the cost of the whole thing. When I saw the price and Hubby and I were talking about how we were going to pay for it I asked Dan what happens to those who don't have the pre burial and their family could not come up with that much money? That was his answer.

Don't get me wrong I don't plan on dying soon.

Hubby and his ex had done theirs. I thought we were just going to see if we could transfer her policy to me since she has other arrangements, which we learned it is nontransferable.

When Dan said it was nontransferable I was ready to go as I thought Hubby and I were going to discuss our next step.

However, I was wrong.

Dan said so the next step is for you to go look for the casket you want. I looked at Hubby and whispered, "Are we going to do this now?" He nonchalantly said, "Yes."

I was confused but went along with it.

After choosing the casket and we went back to do the paperwork, Dan said, "So you are 51." I said, "How do you know I am 51" then it clicked. Hubby had talked to him more than making an appointment for what I thought.

During the process of looking at the caskets I was thinking how many families have to do this during their mourning. I was trying to visualize how hard it would be for BabyGirl to do it.

Later when we were on our way home I thanked Hubby because although I knew there was a lot of things to do for a funeral and it did cost money, it was still overwhelming. I have that serene feeling when God does call me, all my family has to do is make sure the information is updated and say their goodbyes. Everything is arranged and paid for.

Hubby said he knew the cost had tripled from the time he had his done He figured if I live for another 20-30 years it would be even higher. He wanted to get it all arranged with what I wanted and paid for now.

My thinking is he not only helped himself but he helped BabyGirl. I know it may sound weird to some but it makes my heart warm.

But I still think of those poor souls in the coroner's morgue waiting to be buried. It is sad.

Do you or your family members have burial/funeral arrangements for when God comes calling for you?