Friday, November 28, 2014

Payton's Update

I hope everyone had a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

You know Christmas is coming and it is supposed to be the season of giving. I pray you consider giving to this cause I've been posting about.

I wanted to update on Payton, the little boy in my previous posts who has the Monster C (cancer) that has attacked his eye.

He has had one week of chemotherapy. The side effects are up and down for him but he is a fighter. 

They not only opened up an account to donate $$ for expenses as previously stated, but also you can buy a T-shirt to support the cause at Boosters. All the proceeds go to the family.

If you would like to send gifts, cards etc here is the address you can send them to:

I know I seem to be pushing this a lot on my blog but this is something that has hit my heart. I just want he and his family to get through this with all the help and support they can get.

My cousins and I don't see each other often. We are not close. But on one of the family suppers Payton's family came. He was an rambunctious little boy. He somehow came and sat by me and we had a short chat. It was maybe two minutes. You know how 2 year olds attention span is short. Then when he went to leave, he gave me a hug.  Not all children do that and I guess we had that two minute bond. I'm sure he forgot about me the minute he left. I've always followed Dori and Josh's Facebook. Josh and I have a friendly rivalry during football season. 

That day when I opened my Facebook and saw that post about him having cancer and his family was on their way to St. Jude, my heart stopped. I couldn't believe it. 

So that's my story with Payton and I beg PLEASE show your support in any way you can.

THANK YOU and God Bless!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Update on Payton

I inadvertently failed to tell you what kind of cancer Payton has. Thanks to my BFF Jeff who showed me my err.  

It is called Retinoblastoma which involves the eye. Luckily, if that is what you want to call it, it only affects his right eye. It is a rare form of cancer that mostly affect young children.

After a battery of tests, it is found that the tumor does not involve the nerve that signals to the brain which is a blessing.

This little boy will need chemo to try to save the eye and from what I have read it is going to be a very long first year journey.

The doctors put a line to start the chemo this weekend. He is doing well.

His parents Dorie and Josh also has two other children at home.

They will continue to need prayers, support and help.

Again, if you would like to donate here is the link

Thanks to all of you. Now after you say that prayer, you go and squeeze your little one and thank God.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Monster C Has Attacked My Two-Year Old Cousin

I had a different post for today. Yes, it is true. I've been working on a few posts. Obviously, they are not all finished. I wish I had more motivation concerning my blog.

As I do almost everyday I opened my Facebook Page. Then my heart grew heavy as I read a post. It felt like an elephant sat on my chest.

I hear about this monster every day. I know people who have had it, including my husband. When we met, he had just recovered from it. Luckily it was not metastatic or terminal.

BabyGirl's friend has been battling it for years.

I have some Facebook friends that are survivors.

Many other people battle it. Some are survivors. Others have succumbed to it.

The person who this monster has attacked now is 2 year old Payton who is the son of my cousin Josh and his wife Dorie.

The monster is CANCER.

As I've said, I know people with it but when it hits a child and someone so closely related, it is a whole different story. You feel so much more. It's indescribable.

I cannot even imagine how Dorie and Josh feel. At first, I thought that could be how my Mom felt when she learned I had Cerebral Palsy. But I doubt it. This is much worse.

I ask every one of you to please say a prayer for this family. Please pray to God. Ask him for his grace and to give the parents support and the strength to deal with this monster that have just turned their lives completely upside down.  Please pray for a cure for this little boy, Payton. ANY prayer will be appreciated.

He is in good hands at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis but we need that little extra help.

You can get to know and read the progress of this cute precious little boy here.

There is also a gofundme account opened to help with medical and family travel expenses. If you have a few dollars extra any would be appreciated. You can donate here.

Thank you. God Bless!