Friday, January 23, 2015

Why Mechanics and Service Personnel Get A Bad Rap

Don't you hate it when others make you feel like you are stupid? Or you can tell they are not listening when you are trying to describe something to them.

I remember when I was growing up, my dad suggested that if I have to go to a mechanic, or buy a car etc, to have a man with me because a lot of them will try to stiff me, especially being a female and even more so because I am "handicapped." That's how they described the disabled back then.Well I still described my self that way.


He was right for the most part. Now, there are some honest to goodness servicemen and salesman out there. Don't get me wrong. And through the years I've become more confident and realize I don't need a man for those things. After all, my parents raised me to be strong and independent.

Also, both men and women both get ripped off by these same people.

Recently, I called the dealership service department where I bought my car to make an appointment because my glove compartment would not close. It felt like something was stopping it. The service manager, I'll call Bill asked me what was wrong and I told him the problem.

He said  it is probably something simple and I agreed. He continued to tell me to try to pull the latch and push a button. I told him it was not the latch, it was behind the glove compartment. We went back and forth with him telling me what I knew what was not right. He then suggested I get my husband to look at it. I told him he did. I was frustrated after 10 minutes telling this man it wasn't what he was saying. He was hearing but not listening. I wasn't getting anywhere. t told him fine, I'll tell my husband. However, I was going to my hometown 45 minutes away the next day anyway so I planned to stop there and show this man that I was not stupid.

When I got there the next day he checked it out, doing everything he told me to do. He was jiggling it totally ignoring the latch.

I exclaimed,"Wait! You said it was the latch!" He ignored me. I continued to explain to him that I knew he wasnt understanding what I was saying on the phone. He never responded. I was getting angry but then I knew he knew he was wrong and I was right. So I got quiet. He started talking more to himself than me, "There is something blocking it." I was thinking, "No s#$#$# Sherlock, that's what I was telling you! But I bit my tongue. He actually glanced under the glove compartment as my husband did and he said he didn't see anything.

I continued to press the point that he said it was the latch. I could tell he was uncomfortable because when I would say that he would totally ignore me.. If he had said that I was right and apologized, I would have let it go.

He then informed me that he was going to have to take it apart. Wow! That is a difference from pushing a button on the latch and I said so. He chuckled. I was not laughing.

I told him I could wait. He said his shop was full and couldn't do it that day. My blood pressure spiked. I told him if he would have listened to me and just made an appointment when I asked I wouldn't be making two trips. He just asked when I could come back. I told him I was not driving from Arnaudville twice in one week. We made the appointment.

The following week, I arrived for my appointment. Ten minutes after I sat down, he comes and tells me my car is ready. There was another customer waiting for her car that I had been chatting with. We simultaneously said, "Already?"

He pulls me to the side and said that for whatever reason the door of the filter behind the glove compartment was opened and that is what was stopping the glove compartment from closing.

Yep, I made two trips for a 10 minute job. If he had just made my appointment as I asked him to I would not have not had to make two trips.

Grant you I made the best of it. The first trip I spent time with my Mom and had my hair cut. The second time I was able to pick up my PrayersforPayton T-shirt.

Update. Payton and his family was able go home for 10 days. He enjoyed being with his brother and sister and new cousin. They did find out that his tumor has decreased so the chemo and treatments are working. They had to go back for blood work etc for a few days but they are back home again. God is working but please keep those prayers going and check out Payton's Page for the links if you want to donate. THANK YOU for those who donated and your prayers.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Furniture

I am sorry if you got this with a distorted URL. Duh me forgot to write a title and in turn, the URL was not right. I can't cut/paste for whatever reason as when I do it is all distorted.  However, I did something right! I saved it. I just have to retype it so here I go…again. 

On my previous post I mentioned I fell on my head which provoked Hubby and I to buy new furniture. Our furniture was delivered the day after Christmas. I thought I'd share some pictures.

I want to remind you I am not a photographer. I did crop the pictures but you may see some things in disarray or dusty. As a matter of fact, we put the new entertainment center in front of the old one as we weren't sure how everything was going to fit. Rest assured it is all nice, clean and in order.

Dresser. I finally have enough drawers that I need.

Entertainment Center. 

Cozy and Comfy Reclining Love Seat

End table with two drink holders
Our surprise USB and electrical plug sockets. YEA!

My respect strengthened for furniture movers. Imagine every day lugging other people's furniture to their homes, maneuvering around other furniture and in doors making sure nothing is scratched or broken. And I am not talking about just the furniture. I mean the home's other furniture, floors and doors. They were very careful.  Yes, they have a few machines to get it out of the truck but once it gets into the home they have to move it.  I asked them if they work-out. They chuckled.

Now our home is pretty much finished as far as furniture. It took us three years but hey we've done it.

By the way, we did not throw out the evil chair that flipped me. It is in our living room with our other chairs that I can sit in when I am in that room.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Year Changes/PrayersforPaytonUpdate

It's a new year. I hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday season. I wish everyone a happy and safe 2015!

I didn't make any resolutions this year but do plan to change things.

First, I have finally moved away from CVS pharmacy to a Good Neighbor Pharmacy here. I've written a letter to the corporate office explaining why. Here it is:

It is a New Year and new changes to come.

I wanted to inform you that you are losing two customers which equates to $1364+ a month from prescriptions and even more from nonprescription products. My husband had also switched to you because of me. Although, he has had no real issues with his prescriptions he is leaving with me.

I have had problems through the years and more so in the recent months. I even talked to the district manager, Breanna at one point. I have sent several emails and complaints. A few issues were resolved like friendlier staff and slightly more efficiency when I went to pick up my prescriptions.

However, other problems were consistent such as when I refilled my regular meds.  At least one med was not available so having all my meds refilled at one time was impossible and irritating.  

Another problem was a few times my doctor would call prescriptions and your employees said they didn't get it. My doctor's office said they sent it. It was a vicious cycle and sometimes it was 2-3 days before I received my meds.

Last month was the last straw when I was sick and had two new prescriptions from a doctor's visit. I was coughing up a storm and anybody could see I didn't feel well. The pharmacy tech said they were backed up and it would take 2 hours. I told her as I have done many times previously that I lived 20 miles away in Arnaudville and wasn't feeling well enough to go home and come back or wait around for 2 hours. After bantering for a few minutes, I took my prescriptions and walked away. I asked for the manager, Gerard Bell which took a good 5 minutes for him to come out of his office. I told him my problem. I also emphasized that problems were ongoing although I am sure he knows as he probably sees the complaints.

Let me tell you I do not want anyone to lose their jobs. I just wanted good customer service and get my meds on time.

As I told him, he looked like he wanted to run away or just didn't know what to do. He finally said he was going to go see what was going on. I followed. The girls told him the same thing. It was shocking to see the Pharmacy tech telling Gerard in a very disrespectful tone that they might be able to do it in an hour but no promises and when they get behind they didn't want to hear Gerard complaining. If I would have talked to a previous boss like that I would have been fired.

At that point, I once again, didn't feel valued as a customer and my patience reached its limit. I told Gerard they just lost a customer and I took my prescriptions and left.

I went to a Good Neighbor Pharmacy I had never filled a prescription at and got my meds in less than 15 minutes with a smile and sincere thank you.  

One more thing, the online refill process sucks. It was very seldom that it was correct. There were also a discrepancy. I realize that it is a technical issue but that needs to be fixed. Also, I consistently told them NOT to put me on automatic refill or reminder but lo and behold I would get automated or even sometimes the pharmacist would call asking to refill my meds. No one ever listened. I DID NOT WANT AUTOMATED REFILLS OR REMINDERS.

I know CVS is bigger and have more customers but service should not be compromised regardless. The few years I've been with you I never once felt like a valued customer.

I wanted to tell you some of the reasons why I will be transferring all my business away from CVS and you can NOT count on me as a good reference. As a matter of fact, I will tell others to stay as far away as possible.

So have a great 2015 as I am sure you will since I won't be complaining but remember you have just lost at least $1400 a month and two customers.

Secondly, ever since we had DirectV we've had problems such as billing. Also, when we record shows on TIVO, most of them are messed up, even when the sun is shining. Ain't nothing worse than sitting on our couch ready to watch recorded shows and we put it on and it is all garbled. We just don't feel like it is worth the money. We researched alternatives. Since we live in the country, we have few choices, DirectTV or Dish or antennae Then January 1, DirectTV pulled ABC off the air saying they are negotiating and it is ABC's fault. Well ABC says the same thing about DirectTV. This hastened our decision. We have ordered an antennae, Roamie TIVO and subscribed to Amazon Prime. We already have Netflix. We will be canceling DirectTV and we feel so much better. BTW our expenses for TV will go down more than half!!

I think those two changes will lessen our aggravation for 2015. It is so nice to be able to do something about it.

Side Note about Payton: I want to thank all of you who have helped out in donating, buying shirts and bracelets, prayers, etc. I have such special friends and blog readers who stepped up. The family says THANK YOU. I also say thank you but I knew my friends and blogger friends rocked! I regretfully have to ask to keep them in your prayers.

Payton went through a treatment on his eye and a round of chemotherapy treatment on the 17th. It was pretty rough for the little dude but he was able to enjoy some of the Christmas. He is tough! He had a hearing test because loss of hearing is a side effect and it was normal. 

His siblings were able to make it for Christmas but it was so hard on him for them to leave. Honestly, I sometimes read updates and my eyes tear up and my heart gets so heavy.

And to add to the family stress, his mother's sister died unexpectedly. This family has gone through the ringer. They are strong and will get through this with our prayers and support.

The good news is they were able to go home for 10 days on New Years Day!!

Thank you for stopping by….