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Listography: Your Life in Lists : Pets

As I said previously I have writers block. ALOT!  I've read many books about writing, blogging, and writing prompt ideas, etc. I finally found 2 writing prompt books that I think I can work with. They are Listograph Journal:Your Life in Lists  and 365 Journal Writing Ideas: A Year of Daily Journal Writing Prompts, Questions and Actions to Fill Your Journal with Memories, Self-Reflection, Creativity and Direction. (That last one was a mouthful!) 

I am not going by any particular order in the books. Whatever suits my fancy that day is what I am going to write.

I welcome anyone who would like to do this with me whether it be on your own blog, or share on comments, send me an email at my YAHOO address (If you dont know it, just let me know) or whatever  way you feel comfortable would be awesome.

Here's the First Installment from Listography: Your Life in Lists.

 List Pets You've Owned and Their Names

I had several dogs throughout my childhood but they kept disappearing when I lived on the island. It was surprising that we were allowed to have them because Mom doesn't care for animals and Dad is afraid of dogs.

Mom doesn't care for them because she grew up with animals in the house. Oh and I do remember some of my Granny's pets which I will save for another post.

Dad was bitten by a dog when he was young delivering newspapers. He said it was supposed to be a friendly dog but unrevoked it bit him. He always told me to never turn my back on an animal and be wary of them because after all they are ANIMALS.

I don't remember much about most of the dogs but with some help from my family members I came up with these.

I should note that all of my dogs were mutts.

Buttons was my first ever pet. He was a big dog. I remember being afraid of him. 

Then there was Bojangles and Pansy. Like I said there were a few more but I can't remember them. Unfortunately, I can't recall anything else about them except Pansy may have been black.

When I married my daughter's father, he was away a lot so we decided to get a dog for my protection. Her name was Shadow. She was a mischievous little thing. We had her in our backyard with an electric fence but she dug holes underneath and got away. I don't know how many times I ran all over the neighborhood to catch that rascal!  She barked nonstop chasing birds. She even climbed trees to catch them. I didn't know dogs could climb trees until Shadow. We found dead birds every day in the yard. When we would go outside, she would jump on us and then run to the dead bird and sit excitingly with her tongue out smiling proudly seemingly saying "Look what I did! "  


We thought she was  just bored so we got another dog to occupy her. Neither ex or I can remember him except that he was a little grey dog.

Sadly, Shadows wouldn't stop barking and the neighbors started complaining. We also just had BabyGirl and Shadow would wake her up with the barking. So we eventually gave Shadow and the little grey to good homes. The people were nice and had acres of land for Shadow and the other one to run free. 

When BabyGirl came along and became the age of wanting a sibling we had to come up with an alternative since I couldn't give her a sibling. After much pleading from her and her Dad, we got what to be my favorite pet ever, a cat, Biscuit. We got him when he was only six weeks old. But now he is just as big in the picture and still alive living with the ex.  I got the kid and the Ex got the cat. 

Ironically, I believe I was the closest to Biscuit. When I was sick he would come and snuggle against me. He did not like to be held and of course BabyGirl would try to but he would scratch and hiss at her. But at night, when she would go to bed, he would go sleep with her.  

He had this habit that when he would come close to us, he would get comfortable with his butt in our face and tail wagging hitting us in the face. We loved it.

He purred. A LOT. I always said he was one contented feline. He loved each one of us unconditionally. He listened to my secrets without judgement. When I cried he licked my tears.  

A few times we did things inadvertently that would tick him off. When he got ticked off, he would not come near us for hours. If we did, he would hiss and his fangs came out.  Like the day I didn't see him get into the dryer and put it on. I heard clump clump clump and a screeching noise. I opened the door and he flew out of it between my legs almost tipping me over.

He was an inside cat. He was funny. When we would open the door, he would run out maybe 3 feet until he heard any startling noise, as little as a bird chip, than he would fly back in.

One time we evidently left the door open and he went out. I closed the door not knowing he went out. He was usually around one of us. So we didn't' think twice about not seeing him until a couple of hours. Then we realized he was not around. We called him and looked all over, not thinking outside but when I went into the laundry room I heard a screech like noise. I opened the door and he darted into the house growling, shaking with his fur standing up. I felt so bad but he would not let him console him for hours. I felt guilty for a long time after that.

His favorite perch was on top of the back of the couch, where we passed all the time. That poor cat, we would pass and play with his ears as he slept, sometimes waking him up.  I would watch him sleep and his ears would twitch like he was dreaming. I often wondered what a cat would dream? Maybe catching a mouse?

As I said before he lives with Ex. He is very old and continues to live life contentedly. 

For whatever reason we also got a black cat, Callie thinking it would be nice for Biscuit to have  another cat to play with.  Bad idea overall. She and Biscuit did not get along at all. I think Biscuit was alone for many years and didn't like another cat invading his territory.  They played sometimes but for the most part, every time Callie would just pass by Biscuit, Biscuit would hiss and his fur would go straight up. We eventually gave Callie to a good home. 

So, that's all my pets I had in my life. What pets do you have?

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