Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Mind of A Thief

I want to apologize for the horrendous editing in my last post. I did use spell check but I inadvertently pressed paste. Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!

Anyway, I am going to take a break from CP Awareness today because I want to share an incident with you that happened this morning.

I was at Wallyworld today looking for my Cranberry tablets. I picked up a bottle. I looked under it to determine if it was the big horse pills or the little caplets. I noticed it jiggled less than usual. So I shook it again and all I heard was 2 pills jingling in the bottle. As I scrutinized the bottle I noticed the cap was half off.

Obviously someone stole almost a whole bottle of pills. I am trying to visualize the culprit doing it.

MyHubby tells me people steal a lot where he works. He said sometimes there are two items to a pack and people will rip it open and take only one. Or they'll take the item and leave the packaging. He's told me so many stories.

It became so real to me today.

I don't know. I try but can't get into a mind of a shoplifter or thief. I would feel so guilty.

I've brought my child (She was a tot still in diapers) back into the store after I found that she had grabbed something off the candy rack and paid for it.

Once I had big items on a little item that I hadn't seen. I noticed it when I was loading my car. I went back in and explained to the cashier what happened and paid for it.

It just boggles my mind.


  1. It takes a certain breed to steal. I'm not one of them either!


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