Monday, March 9, 2015


Years ago, I received my records from the Crippled Children's Clinic in the local health unit. It was like a child on Christmas. I have read my records so many times. I'll share bits and pieces I think is interesting.

Here is a Psychology report  a psychologist wrote on me after examining me for the first time.The print may be too small so I have transcribed it below.  My second visit with him a year later was more interesting. I'll post that one in the next few days and I guarantee this will make you think. Every time I read them I think if I could visit this psychologist now and tell him he was wrong would be so cool

Age: 5 Years 6 months (My birthday)
Seen: 4-10-68
New Iberia Health Unit

Lisa is a Cerebral Palsy child and was referred to determine if she should start in regular school. Lisa is quite small and I found her too quiet and uneasy. She smiled a little too strongly as though fearful. I noticed minor articulation problems and baby speech. At times it was extremely difficult to understand what she said.

On the Stanford-Binet Lisa attained a mental age of 4 years 1 month for an IQ of 71in the borderline range. This is on the border between Dull, Normal and Mildly retarded. This means that she is not actually retarded but in the slow learner category. It would be good for her to be in a slow learner class if possible or start school a year or two late if no such special class is available. She could be in a Educable Retarded class as long as it contains young children.

I think the mother has done a reasonably good job with Lisa and there seems to be strong affection between the two. The mother, however, is a little too strict and compulsive in her general work with Lisa.  I think if she could to "loosen up" a little and allow Lisa more freedom in small ways, this might make her feel safer.  It might be a good to see mother and child again for 45 minutes a visit or two from now when we can find more time. I don't think it's real urgent, and if Mrs Hebert can encourage Mrs. Landry to loosen up some with Lisa, this may handle the problem.


My mom was strict with both of her girls. Mom said he evaluated me for about an hour putting me in a room with blocks.  She was so upset that she went to my Pediatrician and insisted this doctor was wrong! My Pediatrican, Dr. Halphen told my mom she knew me better than anyone else and just do what she has been doing.

I don't ever remember my Mom restricting me in doing anything. I NEVER felt unsafe. Maybe I knew I was different and didn't understand why being a young child so it made me unsure. Maybe I was afraid of him, a stranger.

I started school a year late not because of being "slow and borderline" retarded but because I had surgery.


  1. What a, excuse me for saying...jerk of a doctor! Hes properly dead and gone but wouldn't you like to find him, introduce yourself and show him he was so wrong! Your mother raised you right and you turned out to be an intelligent, smart person with a big heart. your was he that was the scary one!

    1. Path, I used to tell my mom that I would like to do just that! I couldn't find him. He is probably dead, bless his soul. That is the way it was then. Yes, I often wonder if my Mom had done what he had suggested where I would be. I will be putting up the follow up in the next few days. Thanks for your kindness.

  2. Thank goodness your Mom didn't listen to this guy. Stories like this make my skin crawl. Look at what a beautiful person you have grown up to be!

    1. I thank God every day Barb that Mom went with her gut. Thank you!!


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