Thursday, November 17, 2016

Progressing along..

Yes, I am still here. Thank God I don't blog for a living eh? Sometimes I open up to a new post and just stare at the screen. I think of all the things I could write but don't feel it is interesting. I don't know what is wrong with me. I want to write. I want to read your views and thoughts. My fingers and brain just don't want to cooperate. Maybe I can blame in on my CP?

I'm kidding!

Gotta say postoperatively has been up and down. I went for my six month check up this two weeks ago. Doc  reassures me the pain I'm experiencing is normal as well as the difficulty swallowing.  What was encouraging is the doctor told me he would me monitoring my progress for at least a year. It is how long it takes to recover and see if the surgery helped. He said it could be a little longer for me since I have my other issues. "SIGH"

He gave me the okay to drive. Ironically, as much as it aggravated me that I couldn't  just get up and go, I've not had an inkling to do so.  My first drive was to pay the water bill and it was okay as it was less traffic and only a couple of miles. It is awkward because I can't turn my neck as before and it continues to hurt when I move it constantly.

Yesterday, I had to go to my eye doctor (more frustrating news) and then I went to Walgreens to pick up a few things. The drive was about about 30 miles for the entire trip.  As I was walking into my house I was feeling dizzy and weak and my neck was hurting from turning it so much because people are freaking crazy on the road.

We take so much for granted and really don't think how  all of our body parts work together. Turning my head to drive was difficult and it totally aggravated the pain. But doc said as much as I move it will heal better.

I still cannot pick up anything heavier than a gallon of milk. I promise I don't want to anyway. As I chuckled with Hubby one time, normally I usually can't pick up more than a gallon of milk anyway. Well, not too much more anyway.

I've gone back to cooking and some daily chores. When my body says stop I do. I try anyway. But then I am wiped out for the rest of the day.

I have to give my awesome Husband some credit in my recovery. For the first weeks he did everything to keep the house running and taking care of me. He made sure I took my meds. He cooked and bathed me. He helped me in so many little ways that I am so thankful for. He showed genuine concern and care for me. 

I know you are thinking I SHOULD feel that way. I know this but with my child's father I never felt that way with him when I needed him the most.

When Hubby had to go back to work, he would put everything on the counter for me to use for my meals. He called me at lunch and before he came home.  I am blessed.

Good thing is I do have improvement in my legs. No more shooting pains and I can walk a lot more without hurting so much. YAY!

I want you to know I do read my followers blogs and others. I just don't respond but I will try to do so more in the near future. Thanks for the good wishes you've sent me through email, Facebook and here.  I want you to know that even when I'm not diligent, when I come back you are always here. I am humbly grateful. Thank you!

Until next time.

Word count: 652 words.

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