Monday, October 2, 2017

Can't Get Rid of Me Yet

Hi My Faithful Followers,

I know I have not been consistent. It seems that I say this every time. I promise my intentions are good. I've been seeing visits on my FB blog page. I thought how I feel when I go to a site and there is nothing there. Guilt seeped in as well. So I don't know how long this will last but just know I appreciate all of you.

Here is a summary of what has been going on in my crazy cajun life.

I went to my surgeon hoping I would be discharged in August. I wasn't. It's been over a year. My swallowing is better. My throat still feels weird sometimes but maybe that'll pass too.  The pain in my neck and legs are gone and that's the most important thing!

Then somehow I sprained my foot. I think I have a clue but nothing definitive.  I figured it'll heal so I hobbled on the other foot with my walker I had from surgery. Thank God I kept the walker. That was a mistake because it aggravated the other ankle. I had a hard time getting around.  After 3 weeks of frustration I finally went to the doctor.

Here's something to think about.  When I went to Dr. L for my neck the first time, he sent me to the surgeon, Dr B. When I called for an appointment for my ankle asking for Dr K, the receptionist said that the doctors have their own area of expertise. So off I went to see Dr C in the same clinic. Then Dr C sent me to Physical therapist B, again in the same clinic.

I had to pay an initial visit for every one of them although they are still in the same office. I guess it's logical but they could have given me a discount. Wouldn't you agree? I'm sure they all have a share of the huge practice. I can guarantee they are making big bucks.

Dr C informed me that I had tendinitis in both ankles, plantar fasciitis and a flat foot. I knew something was wrong but gee whiz. He did x-rays, gave me an anti-inflammatory and referred me to PT. 

The PT put the orthotics in my shoes and informed me that my shoes is a culprit of my problem. "SIGH". He also snuck in that I am getting older (like I need a reminder) and since I have CP, all the weight I've put on my lower extremities all these years is also a contributing factor. Of course, he gave me exercises to do. I will elaborate on this in another post coming soon.

Before all of this my GP, Dr Rob threw me a bomb. He informed me that he was changing course in his practice. Okay, I'll be  honest . I knew he was stressed and unhappy and there was change coming.  BUT NOT THIS! He didn't want to"throw me under the bus" and he wasn't sure if I would benefit from his program.  I've been with Dr Rob for many years, I think 18. If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know how much I love and respect him and how he really cares and can think out of the box, what I absolutely need sometimes. After the shock (and yes some anger at first) subsided I was so depressed but God works in mysterious ways. Stay tuned.

I'm sorry I keep saying stay tuned but I just want to run down the main events in my life thus far trying to catch you up with my crazy life.

Other than that I just continue to live one day at a time, trying to jump over the obstacles and push through everything that is thrown at me. 

Once again, MyHubby has been amazing. You have no idea how much crap he has to deal with being married to me. He has only shown  compassion, understanding and helpfulness. He not once complained or tried to minimize what I was going through.

Everyone is doing well. I think my Mom is having the beginning stages dementia or Alzheimer's. But everyone is healthy in their own way.

Thanks for stopping by. I'm trying to get into the swing of things again. I don't promise every day but more than I've been.

Until next time. Smile at someone and make their day!

P.S. Sorry I forgot to put a title


  1. Glad to hear that you have been making some forward progress with your physical problems and you feel good enough to check in. How's you daughter?

    1. Thank you my faithful follower. I do read your posts. It is so kind and sweet of you to ask. She is doing great being busy and happily married. She is back in college a Graduate Assistant working on that last college degree :).


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