Sunday, October 31, 2010

Dreams of Discipline and Sand in a Clock

This morning my dream was another off the wall dreams.

There were my sister, Mel, Randal, Layla, Cale, my niece's ex-boyfriend and myself.

Cale was on the telephone. We were all trying to have a turn in the bathroom. There were two bathrooms. So I was telling them the order that we should go in one bathroom. Why didn't we go to both bathrooms, I have no idea. Layla was about six and was whiny. In the meantime I was trying to fix an alarm clock. Cale had told me to put some sand in it.So I had taken it apart and as I was placing the sand in the back of the clock. At one time while doing so I lifting my hand and spaghetti noodles dropped it and there was glue stuck. So I grabbed some water to wash my hands and accidentally poured it into the clock.

During that time, Cale called me and said, "Tell Layla if she doesn't behave to tell her if she does not behave, I am going to talk to her." Layla became really upset and cried.


Clock-My alarm clock evidently bit the dust because it keeps turning 2 hours ahead of the actual time. It is about 30 years old. Then I have a wall clock my best friend gave me when my ex and I moved into our new house which was 18 years ago also has been useless because it's lost time. I put in new batteries and it does the same thing.

Sand: Have no clue.

Cale talking to Layla: I have no idea. We haven't seen Cale in ages. He's never talked stern to any of us.

Dropping Water: I am always dropping something.

Line up for the bathroom: Again, I have no idea. Maybe because I had to use the restroom??

I woke up sleepy. I definitely did not get enough sleep.

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