Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I had a dream that my ex reeled me back. He kept saying it was good for Layla (around 7 years old then) and we could make it. So I left my boyfriend who's  name was Harry. Harry was tall, brown hair with a curled moustache. As my ex and I were going eat before going to  Layla's tournament. He started telling me he didn't love me, I was a bitch, he hated me, etc. I was shocked and Layla was in the backseat at verge of tears. I told him he could wait when Layla wasn't there. Evidently we went eat but I can't remember where or what. The nightmare switches to us going to this stadium which was a building that looked like a place I have been but can't point out at this moment from the outside. There was a huge parking lot surrounding the building. The inside was huge and shaped like a circle.  So Layla was doing her routines which one that I clearly remember was to take a ball size of a tennis ball, pick it up with her mouth and throw it in a maze to go through the hole. I had made a point to write down where we had parked so we could remember.

Brenda(his wife now) shows up and ex tells me that he is no longer going to be with me. He was moving back with Brenda. I told him he made me to believe that he wanted me back. I broke up with my boyfriend for him and I had really loved him but since ex was my child's father I wanted to try again. He kept loving on Brenda hugging and kissing her. I said, "Fine." I was so hurt and angry I wanted to get out of there. I hugged Layla and told her I''d see her later. So I walked and walked and walked searching for my car but it wasn't there.

I ran into Layla and she said she thought I had gone. I told her I couldn't find the car so she came with me. No car. We get back and ex told Layla it was time to go so go get her things. As she went he asked me why I was still there. I told him I've been looking for my car but its not there. He snickered and said, "Well you better find it i you want to go home." I asked if he moved it. He said maybe. Then I woke up.
Nitpicking: I would never take ex back.  No ifs, and or butts. He never really called me names like that but that feeling was raw as ever.

Harry: Never had a boyfriend named Harry nor anyone who looked like him. I do have a friend's husband name Harry and I consider him as a great friend.
Lost car and Layla being younger is a never ending recurring dream.

The game was similar to the one on Survivor the other day.

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