Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Medieval Dream

Last night was an unusual dream. Not about Layla, being lost or losing my car! Yippee.

We were in the Medieval times and Randal and I were in a large room like a gym. There were 2 large vats of gold we were protecting. There were  an army of large men who looked like Vikings. They wore gold suits of armor. Their weapon was a silver arrow they tried jabbing with. Randal and I would just stand in front of them and yell to get away and fling our arms like a cat fight between two girls LOL.

Finally, they went away and Randal and I were resting. He stood up and went to a rotary telephone and I heard him say he had a sore throat, fever and felt like crap. In my dream I was thinking he must be really sick.

Then the dream shifted to being at my granny's house. There were chickens, roosters all around. Some of the grandchildren were there including Donnie, Monica, Kathy, Francis, Allyson and myself. We were picking figs and pecans. Someone threw a fig at me and splattered on my forehead that started a fig fight..then I woke up.

Analysis: Medieval times, pot of gold etc: I have no idea. I watch History time about the Romans with Randal but we haven't seen any lately.

Maybe the pot of gold was me wishing I had more money than I have LOL.

Randal sick and calling the doctor is certainly a dream. He doesn't believe in going to the doctor for minor illnesses.

I have been putting pictures together to scan and post online. I found some old pics of our last Christmas or one of them when she was alive.

I  miss her, my Aunt Myrna and Aunt Jo.

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