Saturday, November 27, 2010

Taco Dream

I guess I should have themed this journal as Dream Blog LOL.

My dream last night was..well as usual, weird. My mom, dad and I were what seemed like Mexico or somewhere like that. We were going to some kind of meeting. Our hotel was huge with the lobby being like a huge bank. We all needed to shower. We got to the room and Mom went first.

She was taking so long that my dad said, "Lets go."
I asked, "Where?"
He responded, "We're going find another shower."
I'm thinking, "Okay. This is totally weird."

We get in the car and it was like a 30 minute ride to another hotel. All I remember was seeing pastures as we rode. I kept thinking, "We don't have any clothes to change into."

So I mentioned to daddy that we had no clothes. He said, "It'll be alright."

We finally arrive to another hotel that looked like a castle. There was a gang of kids (Mexican and white) hanging around. My dad told me to watch the car while he goes in to see if he can find a shower for us.

I lean against the car with my arms folded and this one kid from the gang walks up to the car. He was a white, chubby bullish 9 year old kid. He proceeds to the car and opens the door.

I walked up to him and pushed him and told him, "Get away from the car."

He walks to the other side and sticks his head into the window. I, again, walk to him and push him and told him, "Didn't you hear me? Get away from the car!"

He runs to the other side and grabs something out of the car. I chase him yelling at him to give it back. A lanky Mexican from the group runs after the boy and grabs the item and gives it back to me.

The bully never said a word.

At that moment my dad comes out and announces he found a shower. So we walk into the hotel and dad informs me that we are looking for rooms 5 and 7. It seemed like we were walking for miles. We finally find them and dad orders me to go into 7 and shower. I tell him, once again, "I don't have any clothes to change into." He says, "Put the ones you have on and when we get back to the hotel, you can change." The thought of taking a shower and putting back on panties I had before grossed me out. So I exclaimed, "Ewwww." He left me standing there.

I walk into the door and there's this one huge shower with 40 or so shower heads. It was like an old time bathhouse. There was a few people in there. I thought, "I am not getting naked in front of these people". Once one shower head went on, ALL the shower heads went on so it was like a torrential rain coming down.

My clothes was soaked so I thought well just take your clothes off dummy. So I did and opened the door and threw them out of the door by a bag thinking they would dry. There were no towel racks. It was just one big room with showers.

When I went back out to get my clothes.The bag and clothes were gone! So I'm like "F-- what do I do now?" I somehow get a towel and wrapped myself with it and went searching for my dad. He appears clothed the same way. I told him, "See I told you we shouldn't have taken our clothes off." So he commands, "Lets go find the receptionist."

We start walking and there were vendors down the hall. I was checking them out as we walked by. THEN I saw this man with a HUGE Taco. This taco was humongous with all the fixings. I yelled at dad, "Look at this taco." He kept walking and said, "NO." I stopped and said, "Dad just look at this humongous taco!" He said, "You can't have tacos." I said, "DAMMIT, I didn't ask you for one, I just wanted you to look at it."He kept walking so I ran to catch up with him. I was royally pissed because he didn't want to see the taco. I wished I had a camera to take a picture of it.

We get to the receptionist and dad told her that someone picked up our clothes. She was snooty and said, "The maid probably picked them up." Dad asked, "Where do I find the maid" She said,  "You can't".

Scene changes and we whiz back to our original hotel. There was this huge pool in between the parking lot and rooms so dad informed me that I had to swim to the other side.

I felt defeated by then and jumped in the pool and swam to the other side.

Scene changes and we are walking into the room with Mom just getting out of the bathroom.

"Where the hell have y'all been?" She asked with impatience. Dad told her that we had to go to another hotel since she was taking so long. She exclaimed, "Yea, right!" Dad became frustrated and said if she wouldn't have taken so long he wouldn't have had to spend 50 bucks an hour for a shower.

I woke up...

Analysis: Who in the hell knows but guess what we are eating today? Yep! TACOS! LOL

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