Monday, November 29, 2010

Wood Chopping, Pregnant BFF, Kid skips school and what's for dinner-Dream

In my dream last night I was in my home I lived in when I was married. It seemed bigger and the window and porch was on the side of the trailer instead of the back. Instead of a neighborhood there was only land all around with a barbed-wire fence.

My daughter, dad and I were discussing where I wanted to go eat. I kept telling dad wherever.

In the meantime, a Sam Elliot kind of guy with darker hair and an unknown buddy knocked on my door. When I answered it, he asked if any of us wanted a job. I excitedly accepted. I got in my car (Don’t know what kind, it just seemed larger), drove to the backyard and rolled down my window. They would give me a slat of wood and I would saw it with a little saw. I felt accomplished.

Scene changed with my BFF, JM visiting with a newborn baby. I kept saying, “Awww look how cute, can I hold it?” She handed me the baby. This scene happened repetitively for a while.

Scene changed back to Dad and me continuing our conversation about what I wanted to eat. I told him whatever but was thinking steak. He kept giving options but I kept saying whatever.

Layla comes in the room and I asked her what the hell she was doing home, she was supposed to be at school. She was about 8 or 9 and I remember that short set she wore at Gulf Shores. She blatantly admitted she skipped school. I couldn’t believe what she had just blurted. I thought for a minute and asked her if she skipped school the day before and she shrugged and said, “Yea.” I yelled at her that she was punished!

I woke up.

Analysis: Sam Elliot: We watched November Christmas last night. Randal asked if I wanted to watch it. I told him yea but I’d probably cry and that I did.

Chopping wood: Maybe because of the Christmas trees in the movie.

BFF having a baby: LMAO. I’m sure she would like that NOT. Maybe because my niece is pregnant? Or I was looking at pics on FB yesterday.

Dad and I talking about what to eat—No idea. Maybe because I am planning Dad’s birthday lunch Sunday.

Layla skipping school—Hmm don’t know but she was young again. Maybe I secretly wished she would be younger. I wonder if she skipped school. Layla, are you willing to respond? J


  1. My Mother would have loved your dream. At least the part about Sam Elliot. She's infatuated with him. I don't get it. But anyway... Thanks for the comment on my blog. I really do love being a Mom. It sounds like you do too. Something else we have in common, I also was a nurse! Talk to you soon... Happy dreaming!

  2. Wow, its a small world.

    You don't understand how your mother can be infatuated with Sam Elliot? He is such a hottie, have that sexy older look. I've seen him in a few other couple of movies I can't recall at the moment but he is a great actor!

    Thanks for reading and commenting. My dreams usually have the same theme..My daughter is usually younger than she is, I lost my car, I'm lost or going to school. Go figure!

    Have a wonderful Holiday Season.


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