Friday, December 3, 2010

Overcoming Fear

I read a blog about this person's fear and she asked is it possible to overcome fear.  I think it depends on the fear. If you can control the fear it is easier to overcome, I believe.

Lets say you are fear of heights. I think if you can make yourself confront it by riding in a plane or climb up a tower, that fear can be overcome.

However, if you are afraid of animals, it can be harder because if one keeps meeting up with that certain animals. at inopportune times, I can see how they can't overcome it.

I fear snakes. They are just slimy and ewww. Years back a coach of my wheelchair (FYI I am not in a wheelchair, I just had to use one.)soccer team had a python.  I held it but that fear just didn't go away.

My kid used to love clowns but all of a sudden she is terrified of them and I have no idea why. She can't explain it.

One night my senior year my friend and I went to Western Sizzler to eat a steak. I got a  piece of steak stuck in my throat. I was choking but it wasn't blocking my airway.  I did the worse thing I could do and  ran into the bathroom gagging and coughing trying to vomit. My friend became hysterical and started yelling for help.

A good Samaritan happened to be eating and he came into the bathroom and did the Heimlich Maneuver several times and it didn't come out. 911 was called. When the ambulance came, they said it wasn't blocking my airway that's why the Heimlich  Maneuver didn't work.

They rushed me to the hospital and they suction it until it went down. They were trying to suction it up but it was that low that it just went down. I had a sore throat for a few days. I did not want to eat a steak again.

After a few months, my parents realized I wasn't going to the Sizzler again. They encouraged me to go back and I was too afraid it would happen again.

So one day they told me we were going eat out but they wouldn't tell me where. When we drove up to the Sizzler, I became scared.

I told them I didn't want to choke again and be embarrassed. They said, "We're going in and you are going to eat a steak. It is the only way to face your fear." When my parents told me to do something, I did because I knew the repercussions if I didn't.

Needless to say, I ate the steak without choking and I wasn't afraid eating a steak again.

I know my story is simpler than others. I think every fear it is justified.  To face the fear is that person's choice. If they don't face it, it doesn't mean anything negative  about them. It is just what it is. Fear


  1. I wonder if I ate a buffalo burger if it would be that simple? ha ha. Hope your Monday was great :)

  2. Well Ms Ryterski, all you can do is try :).
    My Monday was pretty good, thanks. I hope your Tuesday was great :)


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