Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cooky People

Where do I start? My Love tells me I have no patience when I do errands around town. Every time I go do something, I am always bitching. He is right. I hate shopping. I hate people who drive like they don't have a license. It is scarey to think they DO have a license to drive. Also, some people are just down right crazy.

Lets start with yesterday. Since her girlfriend was leaving for home I told her I would go help her bathe. So I get there and the bathroom she uses was unavailable since her roommate and guest hadn't woken up yet. So we decided to go do her errands.

Before we left I noticed the garbage overflowing and pizza boxes. It was gross so I gathered all the garbage and took it out on our way out. Actually the apartment wasn't too bad, typical college apartment except for the disgusting bathroom I'll talk about later.

We went to the bank and changed her account so her father wouldn't have access to it. He'll be pissed but who cares. I sure don't.

She had a seat belt ticket that she had to pay given by a State Trooper a month ago. She said she was getting off work at 3 am, drove out the parking lot, realized she had to put the seat belt on and when she grabbed it and looked up, flashing lights were behind her. She stopped and he told her he was citating her for no seat belt. She was honest and said she was putting it on. He gave it to her anyway. All there was on the ticket was a date etc but no instructions on where or how to pay. Does that make sense?

We had gone online at the State Trooper's site and there it stated to call the district's police department for information. She called and they told her what to do.

So we leave the bank and go to “Downtown”. The streets are weird. And its paid parking. It's the only area in this city with parking meters or towers, that I know of anyway. No where to be found was a regular parking space except for “VIP,”. After traveling in circles following signs, I made it to a parking tower. The lady told us to park on the 4th floor or higher. So as I am going up, I notice, there sure as hell have a lot of spaces for sheriff deputy. How may sheriff deputies does Lafayette have?

We arrived on fourth floor and I parked by the elevator. We take the elevator down where we came in from and walked 2 blocks to the Lafayette Parish Consolidated Building. Layla wanted to hold my hand and jaywalk. LOL. I told her no, so we crossed the roads and walked to the building.

She is always worried about me falling. I hate when she worries but feel proud that she has patience and cares so much. She knows if I walk a lot on concrete or broken sidewalks I have a high tendency to trip. She wanted to hold my hand getting up and off sidewalks. Some of those sidewalks are as high as the length of my calf. I just learned that nearby there is a place for a wheelchair to go down on so I find it.

We arrived on the fourth floor and found the department to pay for the ticket. The lady said they didn't take debit cards but with a check its a 3% charge. That is ridiculous so I just gave her the cash.

You would think we pay, and get receipt it'd be over right?

WRONG! We had to cross the street to the court house, she had to go the 3rd floor to show them it was paid. What ever had happened to computers or communication between the departments? Since we had camera phones, I kept the phones while she went.
It didn't take long. We made our long way back to my car. As we got out of the tower, the nice lady only charged us a quarter. Still think it sucks you gotta pay to park.

So we go to pay her tuition. I knew I should have went the way I wanted to go but I followed her directions and we kept having to take left turns which was illegal and when they weren't illegal, it was going the wrong way. I f I would’ve turned left it was a one way the opposite way I want to go. I finally parked in the information center. It took her an hour to pay the tuition as she said it was a long line.

We went eat and back to her apartment. I helped her bathe. I looked at the bathroom near her room. Where the other roommate before her never cleaned or it seemed. It was filthy. The roof had leaked and the mold and mildew was growing. Maintenance at that apartment complex is extremely lacking. I told her I was going to come today and clean it if she would use it and promise she would keep it clean.

We go to the bathroom she had been using with her current roommate and its filthy. All I could say was ewwwwwwwww....The roommate had not flushed the toilet and it was full of used tampons. WTF? Layla called her and the girl claims it wouldn't flush. So what was she going to do? Leave it until it was really stopped up. You don't put tampons down the freaking toilet!

We got the plunger and I flushed. Sure enough it was stopped up but I unstopped it. I bathed Layla in that bathtub against my good judgment. I do not know how they can sit in that bathtub. We had cleaned it so Layla could get in.

My morning started with going to Layla's apartment with a mask, Pine sol, SOS, and Scrubbing Bubbles. In my opinion, when Layla moved in,the room mate she was moving in with should have cleaned it. I don't care how gross it was. They just decided to use the other bathroom. Can you imagine another 4-5 years like that? They wouldn't get a deposit back for sure.

After I finished with the bathroom, it looked a helluva lot better and smelled so good. Layla appreciated it from what I can tell. I hope her roommate doesn't go ruin that one OR I am going to say something. After I talked with her for a while I left.

I went get me my last tire I needed. I now have four new tires. I now need to get my car aligned.

I then went to Wallyworld. I wonder about people working there a lot. I was looking for a pocket calendar for my purse. There were two stockers and a man in one aisle. I asked them where was a pocket calendar for my purse. One says, “The Electronics?” I look at her confused.

“A calendar,” I repeated. The other one impatiently repeats the other one, “The electronics. By the calculator.” The man was watching me. The first one starts walking explaining it was by the calculators and hand held games. I interrupted with frustration, “CA-LE-NDAR.” The ladies both say, “OH I thought you said calculator.” The man said, “I thought she said calendar but y’all were not going to listen.” (HIGH FIVE THAT MAN) I said, “Gee I know I have a mild speech defect but its NOT that bad.” The man directed me to the calendars.

So I finish my business in Wallyworld and go to the gas station. There were 4 islands, one was occupied on the other side when I drove up. I didn't see anyone around. I took my car off and was straightening my seat and grabbing my card to pay for the gas when this woman in a big ass SUV starts honking. I looked up and she was giving me the finger and screaming at me. I thought, “Crap, I am not going to run away from this. Don't know what her problem is.” There was this guy with her that looked like a skinhead. I still didn't care.

So I exited my car and this woman is idling screaming, “BITCH, you're in my f—ing way. Get out of the f---king way” I look around me to make sure she is yelling at me. I said, “What?” She starts cursing telling me I was in her way etc. My car was in front of the pump I was using. I told her she was crazy and I was there a few minutes before she came around. I started pumping my gas and she backed up and drove up to the island on the side. She was evidently sitting there cursing. I thought what is wrong with this woman. The man gets out, goes around the SUV looking at me. I was looking around to be totally aware of my surroundings. He said, “She is pissed because she wanted that pump.” I said, “Well I'm sorry but I was here before she was.” He asked, “Why didn't you just move?” I responded, “F--K YA'LL”. I was royally ticked off now. He said something I didn't hear. I had enough and ignored them. I finished pumping my gas and left.

As I was rolling out I realized that the bitch's gas tank was on the opposite side of the pump I was on.

You know what my friends? People are really going crazy.

I went to the post office and came home. I've had enough of strangers today. My next venture out is to bring Layla to doc Friday. Thank Gawd....TIS MY LIFE.

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