Saturday, January 8, 2011

Cool Dream

Last night I had a different dream than my usual dreams. Thank goodness!

.I was younger, maybe a teenager. I had a red-haired friend that invited me for a sleep over. Her house was a huge house on a huge parcel of land with what seemed like two families. The house had an opened floor inside. The bedrooms were all in a row but with two halls horseshoe-shaped. They had a big farm with crops and animals. They ate off the land and never went to a store.

Each family had the same amount of siblings. Like one family had a 9 year old and the other family also had a 9 year old. There were 20 kids altogether. I was astonished and kept asking my friend questions repeatedly.

They were home schooled AND went to regular school part time. They each had a chore and did them without being told to or arguing. They were simple people with simple needs living in complete harmony. It wasn't a cult or commune. They were just happy. Everyone got along including the kids.

They had no modern technology. No TV. No Computer. No radios. Their toys were a hula hoop and wads of paper as balls. They would run after the animals trying to climb on them and ride. There was this long container like a trough that had water in it with a net over it. The net was like a volleyball net. The kids would dunk each other and have a blast.

I kept calling my mom asking if I could stay there forever. LOL.

Analysis: No idea LOL.

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