Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What's the Secret of followers?

I hope this finds you well. I had a bad bug during Christmas holidays, went to doc and took my meds. However, this cough lingers. I am tired of being tired from coughing. I get this dry cough that has a tickle in my throat. I have respiratory disease so this cough can stay with me for months after. I've tried hottie totties with and without alcohol, cough drops, cough syrup, decongestants and the only thing that works is Benzonate and of course it is not covered by Medicare. No cough syrup is covered by Medicare. I've tried OTC cough syrup and it doesn't work. GO figure. So I would have to pay 30+ for the Benzonate. I wait until at night to take it. Gotta make decision soon as I have one more left.

I just don't get this site. How do you get followers? I am following a few and have two followers (Thank you so much). I don't want to be in a popular contest. I just want some feedback and maybe make a friend here or there. I've read some with hundreds of followers and there blogs are not any better than mine. So what's the secret?

I do comment on  \other blogs and follow them.

This morning I had one of those "out there" dreams.  I was with 2 girls and a couple of men. We were at a hotel and I decided I was tired. We were all staying in one room that looked like a dorm room with 2 beds.

I got comfty in some pajamas with my snuggie and floppy slippers. I thought, "I'll get in the big bed, lay smack in the middle and no one will follow me." 

I climb into bed, settling in fetal position with my head sunk on a huge soft puffy pillow. I feel someone get on the side of me and I look and see one of the guys. He looked so familair. He was tall, dark and handsome with a 2 day old goatee. He snuggles against me and I ask, "What are you doing?"  He says, "Going to sleep." I give him a glare and lay my head back on my pillow when another guy who is faceless lays on the other side of me. I jump up in sitting position and say, "NOOOO, there is no ya'll get that?" They stare at me like they think I am crazy and said simutaneously, "No, we're going to sleep." I said, You touch me and..." I gave them a mean glare to finish off my sentence.

I go back into my fetal position and fall asleep with them against me. I thought, "Ooh this is cozy" and fell asleep.

Scene changes me waking up with tangled hair sticking up and drool dried on  the corners of my mouth. I stand on the bed then walk over the faceless one in the bed and go to the bathroom. Someone had moved all my toiletries and I started yelling at them. The dark handsome one wakes up and told me I was crazy. We argued but can't remember the rest. I woke up.

ANALYSIS:  My Love says I've been thinking of a threesome. NOT! We never discussed it nor am I interested.

Maybe since I thought it was cozy I was trying to get warm as it is freaking cold here lately and it doesn't look like its going to get any better soon.

I hope everyone stays warm!

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