Thursday, January 13, 2011

Formal Gown Dream/Thermostat Wars

I was trying to decide whether to wear jeans, a formal gown or a pant suit for a graduation. I have no idea what I was graduation for.

We were in the lobby of a huge stadium where there were dressing rooms. Some other graduates were running with me back and forth from the dressing room to the stadium. I don't remember anyone or can't describe them.

I had my best friend JoAnn and her ex Dennis come and I was so excited. I haven't seen Dennis in ages and don't care to. She has remarried since her divorce many years ago.

I ended up wearing a teal formal dress and remember looking for my mom for her opinion. I know she will tell me the truth about anything.

It seemed like a very short dream. I am sure other things happened but I don't recall them.

On another note, its freaking cold here. I live way South and not getting snow nor is it even as cold as some up north and in Ga etc.  My Love and I are having thermostat wars. I put it to 80 degrees and it doesn't come on that often. He comes home and lowers to 78. Two degrees shouldn't make all that difference but there are drafts in this apartment. 

I know I shouldn't complain as northerners are having it alot worse and even some southern states but that's why I stay South. I hate the cold. I'll take the hot and humid weather anyday. At least you feel like you can go and do something. You'll sweat like a pig but can always jump in a pool or throw some cold water on you.

When its frigid cold as its been, I just cant get warm. I am chilled to the bone. We had gumbo yesterday and it warmed me for a few hours. I've tried warm tea and hot chocolate. Only short term resolution. Not to mention this cold weather makes germs spread like wildfire. I am still not over my cough. However, My Love went to Wallyworld and found me some Robitussin gelcaps  that is suppose to work for 12 hours.

I hate taking cough syrup or any liquid medicine. The sweet tastes makes me gag, literally. So maybe I'll get a better sleep tonight.

Everyone stay warm and be safe.

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