Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Should Your State Be An Automatic Donor State

Should Your State Be an Automatic Donor State?

I am a registered donor. It's on my driver's license, MY Love knows it, my parents know it and my daughter (if she remembers) know it. It is MY choice. After I am gone, if any of my organs can help anyone or they can be studied and learn something to help another person that's grand. I figured why bury me with organs others can use. That's just me. Some people want to be buried with what they came onto this earth with and that's great. It is their choice.

Colorado is trying to make it an automatic donor state which means when you die, its not your preference what's going to happen to your body. They can take your organs when you die and put it in someone else. Like one person against it says I would be afraid they would let me die because they need my organs for someone who they want to save. Colorado already has 65.5% of their population who are donors. Their organ donation population is the highest of all states.

Why make it a law? It's utterly nonsense.. Here comes the government trying to control more of your life. It is YOUR BODY. You were born with it. You should have that choice of what happens after you die.

That's My Opinion and I'm Sticking to It!

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