Sunday, February 27, 2011

Some Things Men Say

Last night, my love and I were snuggling in his Papasan Chair. We had just finished watching Panic. It was an okay movie.

I was convincing myself out loud that I don't have to really shower because I had showered that morning but I had to change underwear at least.  MyLove encourages me, "Well baby, instead of changing your underwear, why don't you put your underwear inside out and wear them that way?" I had to let that statement absorb in my pea brain for a second and then I just burst out laughing. I couldn't believe that was his solution. He was joking for sure!

That sprung a memory of my ex. Our child was growing fast and I had told him that I had to buy her more pants because she was growing out of them, they were high water. He suggested that I take a pair of pants that were short, cut a piece of it off and sew it on the other pair of pants. He was very serious about it. He said that's what his mom did. I informed him we were living in the 90's not the 60's.

As I was falling asleep, I was thinking how different I reacted with the two men. Of course, MyLove was joking but my ex was not. As a matter of fact, my ex and I had a big fight about it. I actually couldn't believe my ex had expected me to do that.

But all in all I think all men think the same way on some things, whether they mean it or not. "SIGH"

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