Saturday, March 19, 2011


My dream last night took place in a small dilapidated restaurant. It was my child, ex and I. Evidently, ex and I were still married.

As my child and I were waiting for her father (No idea where he was), she wrapped herself in a skein of purple yarn. After she looked like a mini purple mummy. There was a Hispanic man eating a sandwich at a table glancing at her. She proceeded to spin around. Instantaneously she had what appeared to be an unwrapped package containing something silver. So she twirls around and the package flies into the air and lands on the man's lap.

He stopped chewing for a minute. She stopped and looked at the man. The man chewed.

I got up and grabbed her. I commanded, “Go to the man and say you are sorry.”

Pouting, she yelled,“No!”

I said, “Yes!”

“No!” Standing with her hands sticking out the yarn folded.against her chest.

I put my face close to hers and quietly demanded, “Go to the man, look at him in the eyes and say you are sorry and mean it!

She stubbornly howled, “Nooo!" It seemed she was back in her terrible twos.

I grabbed her bending to her height and demanded to look at me. Her green eyes met my brown eyes

Hissing I said, “NOW.”

She pushed me away and stomped to the man and mumbled, “I am sorry”

He nodded.

Scene changed.
She was in a high chair and I was feeding her some kind of porridge. She was eating it and it seemed like I was not feeding her fast enough. She was about 2, with light short blonde hair and thick blue glasses.

Scene changes.

I entered a room which seemed to be an extension of the previous restaurant. My ex was sitting at a table with a white laced tablecloth submerged in a pile of papers. I stood at the entrance and watched him.

A few minutes passed then I walked to the table. He didn't look up or say anything.

I cleared my throat. He glanced up but went right back to his papers.

I prodded, “What are you doing?”

Without looking up, he drones, “Nothing.”

I continue to stand at the table and questioned where he had been. He ignored me and continued his work.

I woke up.

ANALYSIS: The theme is same with Layla being younger. Mummified in purple yarn probably means I wish she was younger (Not at 2 years of age though. She was always busy doing crazy things when she was younger. She continues to do so.

She was always stubborn. I thought she would never get through the “No” stage. I don't think she ever did. She just learned to manipulate the situation

 My ex ignoring me was a flashback. The tension in my dream was the same when we were married.

I am happy and relieved I woke up from that one

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