Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Afternoon Outing

I picked up my daughter at her apartment and we made our way to see Andrew. I am his great aunt. He is two weeks old and adorable. He has dark eyes and a head of black hair. He reminds me of a compact doll or some reason. So tiny. He had just finished eating and was burping. I held him for a while than gave him to my daughter. She held him for about 1 minute and he started crying. He does not like to be handed from one to another.
He is adorable wouldn't you say?


  1. Babies are so great! I love all of my nieces and nephews, and I am such a good aunt that I'm a great one just like you... 7 times over. :)

  2. @Krissy. LOL. Yea, Babies are little miracles. I bet you are a great Aunt! Congrats! Thanks for reading and commenting!


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