Sunday, April 10, 2011

Baby Girl Promised me a Kangaroo.

I always wanted to visit Australia to see the kangaroos, koalas and their luscious land.

 Today my baby girl (She is no longer a baby but she'll always be MY baby) came visit me this afternoon. It was so nice. We just chatted and hung around here. We were clowning around and talking about when I getold et. She knows my ultimate dream about visiting Australia. As we watched TV we saw kangaroos and other animals. She promised me that after she gets her college degree and establishes herself she will get me a kangaroo so I can ride in his pouch. I have never heard of a person riding in a kangaroo's pouch but hey just her stating she would do that for me, just warmed my heart. I love her so much.

For the young parents out there who are having growing kids and have difficulities or may do so in the future, my advice to you is never give up and always let them no matter what, you are and will always be there for them. They do grow up and show you that you didn't parent so bad after all.

Also, for lunch, MyLove, brought my parents and I to a mexican resturant. It was a nice outing. Food and conversation was awesome.


  1. aww hw old is ur daughter? she's so cute :)
    i also wnt to treat my parents to something special when i get outta college and have a job lol

  2. My daughter is 18 :). That's great kitkat! Like I, your folks probably won't want you to do that but will deeply appreciated it.


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