Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Grocery Shopping not for Short People

Yesterday I went to Wallyworld for major grocery shopping. It reminded me why I wait for MyLove to come with me most of the time. I was dead tired after plus my after effects of shingles didn't help either.

My question is why do stores put items on the TOP shelf which is usually taller than the average person? MyLove, who works in retail has told me repeatedly all the various reasons. It takes more space. They put the higher prices on lower shelves. Blah! Blah! Blah!

So I make my way down the aisles getting my items easy enough. Until I got to the hashbrowns freezer. There were hash browns stacked in 3 rows with four on each tightly packed in the back. I can barely grab them when they are in the front!

I looked around me and no one was around. I do lay my pride aside alot and ask a friendly stranger taller than me to get it. I have not met one person who said no. I graciously thank them.

But yesterday, no one was around. Not one worker. Not one stranger. What was I to do? There were no other brand or size like the one I wanted.

I opened the cold door and put one leg up onto the bottom of the freezer and pulled myself up. I reached to the back but they were so tightly packed together I was pulling and wiggling them attempting to work them out.

Right when I got one loose I heard someone yell, "MA'AM! Don't do that!"

I totally ignored the yell and clamped onto the hash browns, putting one foot down to get back on the floor. I suddenly felt a tap on my shoulder. She is so lucky she didn't get back slapped! I turned my head towards the worker concentrating getting my other foot down and  she rambled, "Ma'am, you are not suppose to do that!"

I responded, "Well, I didn't see anyone, there is no step stool and ya'll keep shelving sh-t to the back or top where SHORT people can't get to.

She huffily exclaimed, "Well, you need to not do that because of liability. I huffily responded, "Don't worry yourself over it, if I would have gotten hurt I wouldn't have sued you.

She suggested, "Next time, find an employee to assist you. I argued, "No one was around. I did look."

She was exasperated as I continued, "Why is that stores shelve stuff on the top and the top is not an average person's height? Do you NOT want to sell products to the average consumer?

She stammered, "We wish our customers not climb on shelves." I just shook my head in exasperation and walked off with my hash hbrowns.

It was nearing noon and I smelled their chicken. I went and asked for 12 wings of the spicy and 12 wings of the regular with a pound of potato wedges. The Deli-Lady informs me that when I want to order that many I need to call first. I couldn't believe what she had just said and questioned, "HUH?"

She points at her tray and says, "You are taking all the chicken, we are going to have to cook more. My first thought, G-rated style, "So what?" However, I just stared at her with my mouth probably opened. Why can't I think of a witty remark at the TIME?

She coaxed, "Ma'am?" I said, "What?" She inquired, "How many?" I said slowly "12 spicy, 12 regular and potato wedges.

She commands, "Hold on" and went to the back. I heard her shouting, "Cook some more wings because a little girl is buying them up." I thought, "Little girl?"

She comes back and makes my order, slides them to me like she is in an assembly line and says, "Have a nice day!" I wanted to say, "Screw You" in a worse way.

At least the cashier was nice to me. He put my 12 packs of DP and 7 up in my basket, was courteous and nice.

I wonder if all us short people, 5' and under would boycott Wallyworld if they would be  nicer to us. :) Just give us a stool. I remember those days. There was always a step stool on every aisle or every other aisle in grocery stores. I know alot of people ruined it for us suing for slipping or falling.

Might start going to Winn Dixie. They are closer, they bag your groceries, put them in the cart and ask if I need help to bring them to the car. They're nice and friendlier than grumpy Wallyworld

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