Sunday, April 10, 2011

Yellow Gelled Inhaler Dream

I've had some pretty weird dreams the past few nights but when I come to write them, I forget.

Last night I had a dream I was with this young girl who was pregnant. I was sick with asthma and trying to get a doctor to see me but no doctor would see me except a Dr. H. He is my Gyn currently.

When I arrived at his office, he asked me a lot of questions like what my other doctor would give me for that illness. I told him an antibiotic and Prednisone. Instead he gives me an inhaler.  When I opened it, the canister was full of yellow gelled jello if you can visualize that. I thought, "I can't inhale this", so I decided to eat it. When I put in my mouth to eat it, it became hard and it was difficult to swallow. It was very sweet. I told him this and he said I have to be admitted to the hospital.

The pregnant girl trailed me the whole way of admission etc. I get to the hospital room and they brought me breakfast. I looked at the clock and saw it was 11:30. I said, "Lunch will be here soon". I uncovered my breakfast tray and it was gross to me. There were some slimy fried eggs, a link of breakfast sausage and another link of sausage but it was longer and fatter.  I pushed it way when Dr. H came in. He asked what was wrong with the breakfast. I informed  him it was gross. He asked if he could have the big sausage. I said, "YES." So he eats my sausage.

Scene changes....I am in the all and a nurse practitioner came and asked what was I doing with the Quack. I informed her he was my doctor. She questioned why I have a gyn instead of a pulmonologist. I told her he was the only one who would see me. She argued he was a Quack and I shouldn't see him anymore.

I woke up.

Analysis: The only think that makes any sense is when I said he was the only one who would see me. I read on FB status that someone had to wait until June to see an ENT. The rest? Who knows!

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