Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Yesterday morning I woke up and planned my next couple of hours. I was going to go to the Post Office to check the mail and mail a home-made Get Well Soon card to a daughter of a former classmate then I was going to go to Winn Dixie to get the last day of the particular sale. After I was going to go to the Produce Market to get MyLove some tomatoes and other fruit and vegetables. He is getting DT's from no veggies.

So I get into my car, take down the sun visor, turn my ignition and nothing happens. I checked to see if I left the lights on and nothing. So I attempt again and again and again. If you remember about 4 months ago I spent a grand on my 2000 Saturn. So I sat in my car banging on my steering wheel, like it would help. I tried a couple more times before I gave up.

You know when things are smooth sailing, or so you think, and then bam something happens?! I was distraught all day.

My baby girl came see me. Well she didn't actually come see me. What would be the odds she would come see me 3 times in a week? I had written to her on Facebook that I had bought her some pasta and Gardettoes. She was on her way to her dad's to visit him, oh wait..not him..but her stepmother. But she likes to say she is going see her dad just so she doesn't feel guilty about excluding her dad.

Right after she left, MyLove came home and checked my car. He is absolutely not a mechanic or jack of all trades. He thought it was my battery. There is this steel bar across my battery to keep in place. Of course, we didn't have the specific socket or wrench to fit and where the screw was it was hard to get to. With a lot of grunting and cursing, he finally got one side undone. We were able to move the bar to the side and get my battery out.

We get in his car, older than mine and a Nissan, and it wouldn't start. He's been having trouble with his car and looking for a newer one. Luckily, after a few tries it started!

We make our way to Auto Zone. They tested it and they said it is 1%. They could try to charge it for an hour or buy a new one. I would have waited. But MyLove suggested I get a new one since that is one thing I haven't changed. So after being $82 broker my car now runs.

Yesterday Big Brothers Big Sisters called me for an interview appointment. I was excited.

I went to my interview this morning and it was nice. I have never been to an interview where I feel so relaxed. I answered all of her questions and I decided to be a Site-based Big Sister which entails me going to the child's school an hour a week to spend time with my Little. The interviewer introduced me to all the case workers and match maker.  It is going to take time to match me because since it is school based, they don't start a match until the beginning of school so I will have to wait until school starts in the fall. I am so excite and can't wait.


  1. Don't you just love car issues? I've thought about doing the Big Sisters thing, so let me know how it goes. I don't have children, so I thought it would be a way to get involved with kids.

  2. Yea, I hate them. Now MyLove's car is giving problems. It never ends.
    I will let you know how it Big Sisters go.
    I apologize for the delay but not used to people commenting and I just found it LOL
    Thanks so much for reading and commenting!


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